I Couldn't Work With The Boys Again!
Ok! - January 2009

Scott Robinson - The Five hunk tells OK! about his bid for solo superstardom.

Back in the 90's boy band Five had a legion of teenage fans. They performed at the BRITS with Queen, schmoozed with Oasis and Robbie Williams. It was Scott Robinson who called the boys back together in 2007, but while Take That whipped their fans into a frenzy once again Five decided to call it a day for good. The fall from grace was tough, but Scott has always put family and friends over the celebrity circle and landed firmly on his feet - he's happily married to his childhood sweetheart Kerry, with whom he has two gorgeous boys Brennan and Kavan.
He recently proved he was a cut above the rest by appearing on Celebrity Scissorhands and is now a radio DJ who spends his days spinning tunes, playing professional poker and bringing up his boys, but he's not done with the pop scene - he's now planning another comeback and this time he'll go it alone. We chatted to the star about the real Liam Gallagher, the truth behind the backstage fights and why he's saying no to a bikin wax.

While other pop stars played the field, you stayed with your childhood sweetheart Kerry.
We were together before the band and we're together now. There are two things I pride myself on - never taking drugs and being faithful to Kerry.

What was the most rock and roll thing you did at the height of your fame?
We were getting drunk with Liam Gallagher in Rio. Before I met him I thought he was going to be an a**hole but he's a lovely geezer. He was there playing the Oasis album that was about to be released and every song that he wrote he'd say "Listen to this, this is legnedary" and every one that Noel wrote he'd go "this ones s**te!" He kept slagging of women and then looking at Kerry and saying "No offence love!"

The band were famous for having a lot of arguments back in the day.
All bands argue, we just chose to do it at Top of the Pops. If J wanted to rip my head off, he didn't care who was watching. Some bands hate each other so much they won't even travel together for gigs but they're all smiles when the cameras are on - we thought that was fake.

Are you still mates with the boys?
The only decision we ever agreed on was the one to break up. We didn't want to go down on a sinking ship. I couldn't work with the boys again, but on a friends level they will always be there.

Take That and New Kids on the Block have both had successful comebacks- why didn't it happen for you?
It was coming up for our five year anniversary, we started writing again and did half an amazing album, but their bottle went.

Are you more impressed with Take That or New Kids? Who do you think has what it takes to last the distance?
Take That are mates and they're great. I went to see them recently and I think they're a better band now than they ever were. I have to say that it kills me, it rips my heart out when I see them doing it. The songs we wrote were fantastic and I don't think anyone's going to hear them now.

What was it like having that level of fame and then going to work at Essex FM?
I think I handled it a bit better than the others. I bought a house near my parents and I still had the people close to me I'd always had - it would've been harder for Abs to leave his penthouse apartment overlooking Docklands that he'd always wanted.

You did Celebrity Scissorhands recently - what was Zammo from Grange Hill like?
Zammo - I mean Lee (McDonald) is coming round soon for a Sunday roast.

You said waxing another man would be weird - did you have to do it?
I did, but I refused to do a bikini wax. I'm not touching anyone but my wife there!

So what's next for you?
Going solo! A few years ago, I didn't have the drive but I've got that back now.