Hayley's Story

POP pin-up Scott Robinson squeezed near-naked into his girlfriend’s bedroom wardrobe and clung on to the coathangers for dear life when he heard her mother’s footsteps on the landing.
As mum stuck her head round the bedroom door, panting Hayley Furnish just had time to smooth down her clothes and watch Scott’s behind disappear between her racks of dresses.
“He was bent almost double as he tried to cram himself in,” Hayley told the News of the World.
“His head was banging against the clothes rail. I’m amazed mum couldn’t hear it. I couldn’t get her out of there fast enough.”

In a pulsating affair, 19-year-old Hayley also revealed how Scott:

TUGGED at her tight black dress until her buttons popped off and pinged around the room.

ASKED her: “Shall I go on top or will you?”

LOST his virginity to her in a chorus of squeaks of flesh on leather as they cavorted over his parents’ pink hide setee.

STROKED her bottom “until I tingled” then led her on night of abandon in the house he shared with band members Ritchie, Sean, Abs and J.
Hayley, pictured below, revealed last night: “In the early days we started with the usual fumblings. For weeks beforehand Scott kept asking me, ‘Shall we do it?’ But I didn’t want to rush things.
“I kept saying no, until the night when we were sat on his parents’ sofa. I remember it was pink leather.
"His mum and dad had gone upstairs to bed, so he held my hand and said “Shall we then?” This time I said yes.
“His hands were shaking as he kissed me and started to undress me. Although it was something we both wanted, he was very nervous.
"It was then he asked me which one of us should go on top. I remember saying I didn’t know!”
Trembling with anticipation, Scott started to undress her.
“I was wearing a short black dress,” she sighed.
“It had buttons all down the front. He tugged at them so hard that some of them flew off into the air.”
Hayley slipped off what was left of her dress revealing sheer lacy underwear.
“I peeled off his shirt and discovered he had a lovely body,” she grinned.
“He was very tender as he kissed me. We were trying to keep quiet because his parents were upstairs but then the settee started to let out these enormous squeaks and creaks.
“I was terrified in case his mum or dad heard the racket and came downstairs, but Scott didn’t care, he was enjoying himself too much. I have to admit the danger of being caught was a turn-on for both of us.
“We ended up tumbling off the setee and rolling on the floor. For his first time he was a wonderful lover.”
Hayley was 16 and still living with her parents when she first met Scott in their home town of Pitsea, Essex. At the time Scott, now 20, was a struggling actor at stage school.
Because both lived at home they had to organise secret sex sesssions in their bedrooms— and nearly got caught twice.
The first time was the wardrobe incident.
“It was terrible,” said Hayley.
“I sneaked Scott into my bedroom to make love when my mum was out. One night Scott peeled off my pyjamas and I felt myself tingling inside as he kissed my body.
“We weren’t trying to be quiet because there was no one in the house...or so I thought.
“But just as we were getting going I heard my mum’s footsteps coming towards my bedroom door. She’d arrived home unexpectedly.
“I jumped off the bed, threw on my pyjamas and in a panic he pulled on his boxer shorts and vanished into my built-in wardrobe.”
While Scott cowered amongst her bits and pieces, Hayley took her mum to the kitchen so she wouldn’t suspect a thing.
“Then I made an excuse to my mum that I had to pop to the loo,” she grinned.
“When I went up to check on Scott he was desperate to go too. But it was too dangerous, so I had to hand him a little bin that was in my room...”
They were almost caught out a second time at Scott’s parents’ house.
“We crept in when his parents had gone to bed,” said Hayley.
“His sister was away so Scott put a note on her door saying I was sleeping in her room for the night. But of course I stayed in his bed.
“We started kissing and just as we were getting carried away I thought I heard a floorboard creaking outside. I hissed at Scott, ‘We’ll have to stop’. We were both in the mood but I just didn’t want to get caught.”
Blue-eyed heart-throb Scott, whose band scored their most recent No.1 We Will Rock You in August, would belt out golden oldies for Hayley at karaoke nights. One of more memorable efforts was Are You Lonesome Tonight?
It’s a world away from Five’s, pictured right, current success. They have sold more than five million albums and had eight top 10 singles in the three years since each of them answered a magazine ad for a new boy band.
That ad led to an audition, and when Scott passed it he left Pitsea and moved into a house in Surrey with the rest of the group. Hayley visited him.
She revealed: “We made love in the bedroom after we’d been out to the pub for the day.
"He made the first move—undressing me slowly. I was wearing lacy underwear especially for him.
“His favourite part of my body was my bottom and he loved stroking it with his hands. That made me tingle.”
“He wanted to make sure I had as much pleasure as him, if not more. Everyone in the house knew what we were doing.”
But because of the distance between them, cracks started to appear in Scott and Hayley’s relationship.
Trying to cling on to what he was losing, Scott laid bare his feelings in a string of intimate love notes that could almost form the lyrics of a Five hit.
Written in a relaxed scrawl, Scott said: “It feels so wrong not kissing you or holding you close.
“All I want is you, Hayley. I want to kiss you.”
He continues later:
“We fell in love. I know we did. I love you more than life itself and will not know what to do without you.
“You’re sexy — very sexy.”
It was no good. Before Five had had their first hit, Hayley met someone else.
“I rang Scott on his mobile and told him it was all over,” she said.
“He sent me more letters pouring his heart out, but it was too late for us.”
Scott has now found love with his fiancé Kerry Oaker, but he still bumps into Hayley when he visits his family.
She said: “He doesn’t even stop to speak, but I’ll always treasure our good times. I hope he’s as happy as I am now.”