Teen Interview with Scott

Having already conquered their native England, the feircely fine guys of Five - J Brown, Abs Breen, Sean Conlon, Rich Neville and Scott Robinson -- Are now Stormin' the States. They've probably won your heart by now with their self - titled album and latest smash single "Slam Dunk (Da Funk)" (The NBA's Official theme song for the '99 Season - how American is that!?) If not, we bet they will after this summers tour with N'SYNC. Ahead, Scott fill us in on Five live and more news.

Do you do anything to warm up before u take the stage?
You've heard the new single "Slam Dunk"? You've heard the beinning? It goes (singing) "Five! Whatcha waitin' for? If you wanna three-three, two-two, one-let's do it!" We do that, put our hands in the middle, throw 'em up and head out.

How do u feel about "Slam Dunk (Da Funk)" being the NBA's new them song?
We're so pleased. A lot of people like saying "Oh, they just wrote it so they could do that" But it just happened we had that song, and it worked.

So what's your favorite basketball team?
The London Leopards. I'm an honorary member of the club. But baskbetballin England isn't as big as it is in the States. The other guys aren't into it as much as I am. Basketball is my sport, whereas the others are more into soccor and rugby.

Can you slam-dunk?
Well, if the lid's lowered

What else do you do for fun?
I hang with my bates in Essex and enjoy myself : eat out, spend time with my family, people who mean stuff.

You mean girls? Are you seeing anyone special?
I've kinda got someone special, but I wouldn't call her my girlfriend.

We hear Rich is dating British pop star Billie. Fact or fallacy?
Those two just really connected. We're all sort of beginning to believe that they where born for each other. They're so alike. They're just a really, really sweet, nice couple.

J has an eybrow ring--do any of you have any other tattoos or piercings?
J's got a tattoo on his arm. It's really muscley bloke, dark and sort of sinister: he's got clenched fists with chains in them. It says a lot for J.

Like what? Describe him in three words--and everyone else.
For J, I'd say twisted, butch and angry. I'd say for myself, mad (British for crazy, not angry!), romantic and twisted. Sean is...two words :typical Northerner. He's from the North of England and there's a North-South divide. Southerners like me think we're the best: Norhterners think they're the best. Rich is very romantic, sensitive and loving-but he's mad too. The thing with Abs is, he can be really quiet, but then goes totally loopy.

When you were coming up with a name for your group, did you throw around anything besides Five?
We had parents and everyone thinking up names. Abs' mum came up with one: Golden Studs. There was another, DeFYNE. But Five sort of kept cropping up. Then some spooky things happend when we were trying to decide. Our manager's hotel room was 555, and we were having a meal and this car pulled up with the number plate F1VE, so we were like "It's gotta be Five" It was Fate