Truth Or Dare!

[Smash Hits - August 2000]

We asked Ritchie to set the record straight on some of the juiciest gossip about Five, him and that split with Billie…

You approached George Lucas about being Anakin Skywalker in the next Star Wars flick.
No. Not true. Although, I wouldn't mind that job, but no-one has offered it to me!
Any plans to be an actor?
Yes, but nothing I can really say. I'm so busy with Five now, but maybe in the future. Who knows?
Would you like to be in Home And Away?
That would be great, but I'd have to move over to Australia! I'd love to do it but I can't - yet!
What sort of movie would you like to be in?
I don't like big block-busters, but I do like weird little films that are really good, so I'd like to be in one of them!
Do you go to the cinema a lot?
No, but I do enjoy it. The cinema's cool because you can time it so that everyone's got their ticket and they've gone in. Then you kind of sweep in just before the movie starts while it's dark. It's easy cos I don't get recognized.

You're planning to release a solo album soon.
That's new to me. I've got no plans to do anything solo. It's good with us because on Until The Time Is Through me and Scott sing most of it, and that's a bit like going solo - just for a song.

You're hoping to mave Fiveworld: The Movie.
Would you ever do anything like that?
We would, but it would be nothing like Spiceworld. If we ever made a movie we wouldn't be playing ourselves. We'll be playing different parts. And we'd actually do a film, rather then Five in a film.
Would you have liked to appear in a Bardot-style Popstars show?
No. I just don't think it's us. It's not worth it.

Scott and girlfriend Kerry are getting married next month, and he's asked you all to be the best man.
Where the hell do these come from? No, it's just rumors.
Would you fight to be the best man if he was to get married?
Nah. He'd probably ask one of his friends from Essex, where he comes from.

You really do hate Westlife.
No, not true. There's been so many rumours about all this and I just want to say through Smash Hits - cos it's the only magazine over in Australia that we trust - that we have never had, and we never will have a fight with Westlife. We're not best pals but we don't hate 'em.

One of you is secretly gay?
Nope, but that's always going to be a rumour when you're in a boy band. It seems to the outside world that every boy band needs at least one member to be gay. Well, no. I can actually say that I'm absolutely certain that no one is gay.

You never go out partying with the boys cos you prefer staying in.
That used to be true when I was with Billie, but just recently I've been open minded. I think life's for the taking and you shouldn't let anything get you down. Just go and live life, man. Go and have a laugh! I'm a thinker, so like you know, I could easily lock myself in my room and just think about all the bad things and it's not good. So it's best just to go out and have a good night out.

You dumped your ex-girlfriend Billie!
That's not true. I was told to say that by people in the music industry. But infact she dumped me! I came home from the Five tour and I was really sick and she wasn't there. She had moved out. I went up to see my mum and then three days later I had a message from her on my mobile phone and she told me it was over.

You've threatened to leave the band after a huge argument.
No, well, yeah, probably but we all say things we don't mean. This is what I've always wanted to do. My mum reminded me of something the other day, she said when I was younger she asked me what I was going to do when I grew up. I told her I wanted to be a singer, and she said, "What are you going to do if it doesn't work out, Rich?" And I said "Mum, if I couldn't do that, then there's no point in being born." If I couldn't do this job, I'd be miserable.

All the band hate being hassled by fans.
Sometimes, we do but not all the time. Like if someone stood in a queue in the supermarket, and then they suddenly recognized me, that's a nightmare. One person's going to want autographs, and then the whole supermarket starts coming up to me. You've got everyone around, you've got no security, and you can't get out. Everyone's like "Sign this!" But, if it's just a few people coming up, then it's not too hectic.