It's The Thing They Say - Rich

On his trendy image
Girls have much more to contend with, like make-up and stuff, but lads just chuck something on and they're done. I always have a shower and then iron whatever I'm going to wear - of course I always do my own housework! [Yeah, we believe you!]

On that inimitable Five appeal
We're the original lad band - you can't get better than us! We're not in competition with anyone else, unless we're releasing singles at the same time!

On his major weakness
Girls! When I meet someone I like I fall in headfirst - I just think about them non-stop.

On singing in the shower
I'm a big shower and bath singer - I really let rip! I sing whatever's in my head at the time, but I hardly ever sing along to CDs cos I'm useless with the things. They're all over the floor. I'll take one out and then put it back in the wrong case or tread on it and scratch it. [So much for the housework, then...]

On whether he'd go starkers for a part in a play
I wouldn't do total nudity, because my mum would see it! But I might sit around for a scene with my shirt off, if it was true to the character... [Yes please!]

On painting the town red
When I go clubbing I feel stupid dancing, but if I've had some fizzy pop you can't stop me - I'm the life and soul of the party, me!

On his singing debut
I was in primary school and we did an Easter play. The whole class dressed up as chickens.