Ritchie's Crazy Confessions


What's your fave insult? Go away you cretin!

What shampoo do you use? Pantene

What can you see from your bedroom window? The trees and my garage.

What size are your feet? Size nine (size 11 in OZ)

What was your first pet? I always wanted a dog but I never got one. I had two goldfish, but they died.

Which do you prefer: baths or showers? I take baths, then I stand in the shower afterwards.

What's your all-time favourite cartoon? Dungeons and Dragons.

Can you play any instruments? Guitar, a little.

Who's your hero? Batman

When was the last time you got annoyed? Last night, with some airport workers.

Do you believe in God? Yes

Where do you go shopping for food? Wherever I can.

What's your biggest regret? I don't believe in regrets - you learn from mistakes.

Who would you most like to punch? Stan Collymore (UK soccer player) for hitting women.

Did you have to wear a school uniform? Yes

Who was the last person you phoned? My mum

What's your favourite fast food? KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken)

Who cuts your hair? A man called Ben Skirvin.

What do you fear? Spiders

When did you last have a snog? Never you mind, Smash Hits - you won't get anything out of me!