In the Sack With Rich

How come nearly all Five's songs have got the words "get up" and "get down" involved?
'Cos that's what we like to do, get up and get down! [Singing some Five lyrics under his breath] I suppose they are out most used lyrics. Although it's not so much now, they were used more in out earlier stuff. It's quite American really, isn't it?

Would you ever consider growing your curtains back as you looked so good with them?
I don't know, about curtains, but I'm growing my hair at the minute. I haven't got the foggiest what style I'm gonna go for. I'm just gonna let it grow and see what happens. I won't have a mullet or anything like that, I just want something simple. [Smash Hits suggests a skinhead like Sean, Abs and Scott] Nah I'm not feeling the shaved head look, for me anyway.

What do you wear in bed?
Not a lot, either boxers, baggy shorts or noting when it's hot. Everyone has embarrassing pyjamas in their history but I'm not embarrassed by mine. I did have a Paddington Bear bed cover though - which I loved.

Five are absolute lunatics - what's the most outrageous thing you've ever done?
Ever? [Thinks hard] Erm I can't think of one specific one, but they often involve obscene amounts of fizzy pop and my mates ringing me the next day to tell me what I've done. They'll call me and say "Do you remember doing." and I'll be like, "What? Oh, no!" There was one night when I apparently tripped up and started an argument with a toilet door. I got a bit agro and security had to take me off to bed. I don't remember any of it, only waking up fully-clothed on my bed like this [twists himself into an awkward position] it was not comfortable!

Were you happy with the last Five tour?
Yes, apart from the end when I fell ill, that was a bit of a downer. We had such a good time on tour. People said it was a good show which is what we aimed for, we're not a ballad-y band and people don't expect us to be. We've got a tour in December coming up too so we cant wait for that. We love performing and we love the bar. We get into a routine of getting up, having breakfast, chilling out, doing press, doing the show, then going to the bar. It's probably the first routine we've had in 3years [laughing] apart from dance routines of course, boom boom!

Are you vain?
No, definitely not. Obviously because of the nature of my job I'll check how I look okay, but I'm not vain at all. I get out of bed, chuck something on, chuck a cap on and go out. I'm not someone who worries about whether I look good all the time. Sometimes it's a pain to look good, sometimes its great. I'm a bit of a grunger really so when I've got time off I do like to wear me tracky bottoms and stuff like that.

Does it offend you if people say you wear too much make-up?
I don't get offended but it does get tiring, 'cos I don't actually wear make-up. The only time I ever wear make-up is the same time every other pop star, TV presenter or actor does, when they go on TV or do a photoshoot. I actually wear the lest make-up out of the entire band - truthfully!

Is there any question you're fed up of answering?
Things like, "If you were on a desert island, what would you take?". I couldn't tell you how many times I've answered that one.

If a member of Five left and you had to replace him with someone else in pop who would it be?
I don't think you could replace a member of Five. We're all too scatty and roomy that I don't think it'd work anymore. I get on with Lee Steps quite well, so maybe him. [Excitedly] No! I know who it'd be - Brian May. He can join us anytime he wants.

When I was reading Smash Hits' Five booklet, I noticed all your fave Five songs are ones you haven't released. Why is that?
They just happen to be songs I like and to be honest you do get tired of doing some singles. You'll always have a special place for them 'cos there's always that period when you worked on that song constantly. If you listen to the whole album , it's not always the songs you'd hear on the radio that you'll like. Especially me, I've got really weird taste. I don't think I've got weird taste but other people do.

What is the most embarrassing thing a fan has done to get your attention?
Shown us their front half - it's not a pain at all, it's a laugh. [Seriously] Although we wouldn't encourage people to strip off for us! Our fans are quite forward anyway.

Is it true you and Scott posed naked for the website?
No, that's absolute rubbish, I've never heard that rumour before! I'd never pose naked because of me mum. She said something to me about it the other day actually. She was like "You'd better not!" Scott probably wouldn't either. Someone probably put our heads on a naked body on some website - as long as it's a nice body I wouldn't complain.

Do you wear a disguise in the street?
No, I just whack a cap on and put my head down. But if someone knows who you are a cap won't change that.

If Five were stranded on an island who would you eat first?
Probably whoever died first. Sean'd be a nice juicy joint. I think I'd survive on a desert island. I was a scout, but I couldn't build a hut like that [clicks his fingers]. I'd think about it and work out how to do it. I'd love to live on a desert island for a year. Me and Abs have actually talked about it, I think I'd be fine.

How does it feel to be adored by hundreds of girls?
Erm, it's not like I go home and think, "I'm the man". I just go home and forget about it all. It's very flattering and weird, but at the end of the day I'm just me. When I was young I had posters of girls on my wall and to think people do the same about us is strange. When fans send in pictures of them in their rooms with my face all over the wall I feel bit weird, but it's cool.

My friend told me Five were splitting up. Is this true?
Your friend should check her sources. It's totally wrong! Claire and all Five fans - don't listen to any rumours that we've split up or one of us is leaving. Sometimes we say it when we're joking around, but it has never happened. When you hear us say seriously we're calling it a day that's when you can believe it. We'd never do solo stuff like the Spice Girls have done, we think it's a bit naff.

Who would you give your last Rolo to?
Quite a few people, my best mates, my brothers, my mum, my dad, my nephew or any female I was trying to pull at the time! I don't know if it'd be a winner but it'd break the ice wouldn't it? Not that I carry a Rolo around with me. (Laughing) that's a good idea actually. I might try that one!

If you were reincarnated as a piece of cake, given a suitcase and told to go anywhere in the world (as a cake) where would you go?
[Laughing] That's a bit of a silly question, Lisa! Hmm, I think I'd be a double chocolate pie or something like that. Now where would I go? I obviously wouldn't be able to go anywhere too hot 'cos I would melt. [Thinking] I'd go to Iceland, the shop and the country hahaha! Lisa, I think you were having a mad one when you wrote this weren't you? Mind you, it made me think!