Rich Auditions For Smash Hits

Hmmmm, Smash Hits heard a rumour that 5ive's blue-eyed boy Rich fancies himself as a film star... so how serious is he?

So you say you want to be an actor, Rich. Any experience?
I did a lot of acting at school. I played Romeo in Romeo and Juliet, Danny in Grease, all sorts...

What kind of films would you like to appear in?
I really want to do an epic love story like Titanic.

Ah, so you see yourself as the new Leonardo?
Not exactly. I don't want to be known as just 'the lover', I'd like to be known as an actor who does all sorts of roles - the lover, the gangster, the cop. I could play a gangster!

But would you strip off for the camera?
I wouldn't do total nudity, because my mum would see it! But I might sit around in a scene with my shirt off, if it was true to the character.

And what sacrifices are you willing to make for your acting career?
I wouldn't leave 5ive, not at the moment. Besides, I think to be a good actor you've got to have a lot of life experience.

Ok, Mr. Actor, how about showing us your talents?
Alright, this is from Romeo and Juliet. 'But soft, what light through yonder window breaks? It is the east and Juliet is the sun... (He gabbles on for about five minutes before concluding) 'Tis my love (big sigh), oh, 'tis my love.'

Wow! Any more?
I remember another one, Under Mike Wood, which I did when I was 13. I had to do it in a Welsh accent. It goes.."Oh, Myfanwy Price... (Rattles on for five minutes in a Welsh accent before concluding) Throw away your bed socks, I'll warm the sheets like an electrical toaster! Hmm, very good. But don't go giving up the day job just yet!