Party in the Park - Rich

Do you know which songs you will be performing?
I know that we are doing two songs with Queen. Oh yes!

What will you be doing when you're not on stage?
Mingling and drinking.

Can we expect any surprises in your set?
Couldn't tell you, wouldn't be a surprise.

What's the best party you've ever been to?
New Year '96 at my mate's house, mental!

What's the one thing that people should bring with them?
Banners and loud things, and some water coz we like it HOT!

You have recently been on tour in Australia - how do the audiences down under compare with home?
You're all just as mental as one another, but of course it's nice to play to your home crowd.

How does it feel to be perfroming with rock legends Queen?
Amazing, unreal, wicked...

Which of your songs is the biggest crowd pleaser?
Definitely 'We Will Rock You'!

When you're touring, which member of the band drives everyone mad and who keeps the peace?
Abs drives everyone mad, I'm probably the peacemaker.

What one word describes your feelings before going on stage?

Have you ever played to 100,000 people before?
Sorry but yes, a couple of times.

What was the first concert you ever went to?
I was eight years old and I went to see 'Bros' (keep your comments to yourself!)

Do you enjoy performing outdoors?
Yes, I love performing anywhere.

Can you give us a weather prediction?
Sunny and hot, just like Capital FM.