The Naked Truth About Rich

What hurts your feelings?
Well, I used to go out with this girl who I was really close to, then she left me and I was proper gutted (sighs sadly). I get hurt if a mate lets me down too.

What's your earliest memory?
When I was two I remember my dad saying that him and my mum weren't getting on and he was going to leave (looks v. emotional) and I started to crying and then he started to cry.

Who are you most jealous of?

I don't get jealous... I get a bit envious, like I walk around this place (gestures to swank hotel room) and think, 'Oh, I'd love to live here'. Also I hear some 'proper' music then I think, 'I'd love to able to do that', but that's more like admiration.

What do you think about in the bath?
(Chuckles) Whatever's on my mind at the time: problems that I might have, or a girl (ooer!). No not in that way!

Who are you closest to in the band?
Abs is the funniest, he does such daft things, but I dunno, there's not just one lad. If I've got a problem I know I can talk to any of them.

Which other Five guy would you most like to be for the day?
Abs, 'cause I'd love to know what goes on in his head - sometimes he's really mad and loud, then other times he hardly speaks!

What's the most dishonest thing you've ever done?
There's the usual 'mum' things, like going to stay at your mates' house and going ker-ray-zee and then lying about it afterwards. And I've told little white lies here and there, but I'm not a big liar... honest!

D'ya ever look in the mirror and think 'Wow! I'm a sex symbol!'?
No never! 99.999% of the time I think I look so rough, especially now 'cause we're working really hard. I've got big bags under my eyes. (Points to imaginary bags) Look at them!

Have you ever two-timed?
Yeah when I was younger and I was just 'seeing' people rather than having long-term relationships when them. I've never two-timed as in 'going all the way'. (Winks cheekily)

Do you sometimes wish you weren't famous?
I don't think I am that famous. If I go out with my dad somewhere I don't really get recognised. Sometimes I'd really like to have a break and go and stay with my mum for a few days. But I never wish that I wasn't famous.

Do you hide your feelings or tell the whole world?
I don't tell the whole world but my facial expressions always give away exactly what I'm going through!

Would you admit it to your mate if you fancied his mum?
Yeah! I wouldn't say, 'Oi! I fancy your mum big-time and I'd love to... whatever!' (strewth!) I'd probably say, 'Your mum is gorgeous!' without it being too disrespectful.

Are you a risk taker?
Yes and no... I wouldn't do a bungee jump, I'm too scared of heights. But there are times when I sort of think I can't do something, and then right at the last minute I think, 'Oh to 'eck with it!' and just do it!

Are you scared to pain and death?
Well I certainly don't like pain! And when you think about death it's so hard to imagine just not being here anymore, and (goes all deep and meaningful) what is death? Is it just a blackness... (yikes!) Do you get what I mean? (Er...sort of).

Have you ever been bullied?
Yeah one day me and my mate at school had a huge argument so he turned the whole class against me and had them chucking stones at me each break time! Luckily it only lasted a few days.

Does your mum have any naked pictures of you as a baby scattered round the house?
No, not really. I've seen a couple, but somehow it doesn't really seem like me, d'ya know what I mean? I wouldn't want Live & Kicking Mag to print one! Er, (looks alarmed) you haven't got hold of one have you?! (Ah, that would be telling!)

Finally, this interview has been...
Great thanks. Relaxed and chilled - I really enjoyed it!