Five On 5 - Rich

[Smash Hits - AUS March 2000 Issue]

Want to know what the Ritchie Five lad does every day? He gave us a page from his secret diary…

My first day off in ages! I flew home from Dublin where I'd been recording and working on new songs for our tour and went straight back to my new flat in London. I'm terrible when I'm not working cos I just slob out! I spent most of the day watching TV [I love flicking between the channels] and chatting to my mates on the phone. A real lazy day!

Another day off, which was an amazing bonus for me [honest!]. We never get time off and now I've got two days in a row! I went to the video shop and got loads of vids out to watch all weekend. I watched Red Corner with Richard Gere which was excellent. Later on my girlfriend Billie came over and we watched AWOL with Jean Claude Van Damme - it's one of my favourite films and I wanted her to see it. We talked for ages about how people stare at us when we go out. I know a lot of our fans still aren't happy about us, but we're really happy together. In the evening we had a Chinese takeaway and just stayed in. The last thing we want to do on a rare night off is go clubbing. It's too nice knowing we've got absolutely nothing to do!

I spent more time with Billie today, because I finished tour rehearsals early. We both get homesick sometimes cos we live away from our parents. Billie and I are great friends above anything else. Watched TV and relaxed, again. Felt really lazy cos I didn't move unless I went to get more food from the kitchen! I sound like such a slob don't I? Trust me, normally I'm down the gym and working…

I had to practice our Spanish version of Until The Time Is Through for our tour! I don't speak a word of Spanish so I had to have a teacher to talk me through it! I love the song, but I can't remember the words so never ask me to sing it!

Played the Spanish version of our song to my parents and they loved it. I sing it with a Spanish accent so I hope I sound OK to Spanish people. Let me know if you're Spanish and I sound stupid! My mum thought I sounded like Ricky Martin which I thought was really funny! My mum and dad take a real interest in my career. Mum comes to see me perform as often as she can. She loves being a pop star mum!

We rehearsed for our UK tour today. I love the songs on our new album. They're more grown-up, but they're pure pop! I think we've all really grown up over the last year. We want to record our third album somewhere really hot so we can lay in the sun when we get free time. Today was really tough, our choreographer Paul worked us really hard and I was dead tired. Paul works with Westlife too so we know all the goss about each other!

Got up early to do an interview for MTV in the centre of London. There were loads of fans there talking about Billie, but they were sweet. I think my fans know I need someone to cuddle me when I'm down. Billie's that person. She's really special to me. I can't explain how I feel about her sometimes!