British Babes

Jason "J" Brown, Richard Neville, Scott Robinson, Richard "Abs" Breen and Sean Conlon- collectively known as Five - give us the fever. Their pop-with-an-edge sound has powered their self-titled debut up the charts. No one's afraid of the dark when Five sing "When The Lights Go Out" and everybody will be lining up to see 'em live (their U.S. tour starts any second). We snagged some time with Richard to talk music - and to get some gossip on the guys!

What's your take on the Five phenomenon?
Our stuff's got attitude. It's the kind of music guys aren't embarrassed about listening to.

What's the best thing about being in Five?
Performing - we love it so much, and I think that comes across. I can never take the smile off my face when I'm in front of an audience. Also, getting recognized is cool, though it's weird when fans know more about the guys than I do.

When you guys first formed the group you all lived together, but now you're all looking for separate quarters. What's the deal?
I decided to get a place of my own because I need my space. I'd like to start dating - I need a nice little bachelor's pad. Sean and J are going to move in together, and the rest of us are going to get our own flats.

What will come first, a girlfriend or decorating your place?
Finding a girlfriend, hopefully! [Laughs]

What kind of girl would you like to find?
Just a genuinely kind person. Someone's who's very nice but has a naughty side.

How 'bout some dish on the other guys?
Well, Sean is very lazy. He's so laid back! I have to say that I'm probably worse in the morning than he is, but once I'm up, I'm up. Abs doesn't really have any annoying habits. When we're tired, Scott can be really giddy, making loads of noise. J is basically schizophrenic. [laughs] He could be my best friend and love everything one minute, and then 30 second later everything is really bad.

Who spends most time in the bathroom?
Scott, definitely!

How do you fit into the group?
I'm the peacemaker. I'm quite pacifist. I don't like people to be arguing. If it kicks off, say, that Scott wore J's trainers but didn't ask J, and J gets mad, I'll step in and work it out.

What do you think of Backstreet Boys?
I think they're genuinely talented guys who are really good together. But I'll be bold enough to say they won't last forever. I don't see them doing dance routines at 40!

What would you do if Five ever folded?
I'd like to carry on singing, definitely, and I'd like to act. I've done a lot of acting. I played Romeo in Romeo and Juliet. I know it sounds cliched, but performing is a part of me. Even if I couldn't carry on as a big performer, I'd still be somewhere performing to people.