BIG Magazine - Rich

Who's the hardest member of 5ive?
J, he's bigger than everyone else.

When was the last time you went on a lads' night out?
The last time I went home to Birmingham I went out with my mates to my mum's pub. It was a proper lads night out.

Is there a famous person you'd like to slap?
No. I've never hated anyone enough to want to slap them.

What item of clothing would you never wear?
A pink tutu! No, I'd chuck it on for a laugh, I'd chuck anything on if it was for a laugh.

If a huge scary fella started a fight with another member of 5ive would you jump in?
Yeah! I'm not a violent person but I'd be there straight away.

Would you fight for a girl?
Yeah, but not if she went off with some other bloke. But if anyone harmed her then definitely, without a doubt.

Do real men cry?
Yeah, I cry. The last time I cried was when I went to see Titanic with my dad and his girlfriend, she was passing me tissues.