We Rocked Rio
TV Hits 2000

When Five performed in Rio recently, even they were surprised at the reaction they got! "It was a fantastic trip, one of the best we've had". Ritchie gushed, when we spoke to him. "There were a quarter of a million people at Rockin' Rio. That's the biggest crowd we've played to, more than double Party in The park! Unreal".

"We did an hour's set and the crowd loved it! We had 250 thousand people doing the hand claps to We Will Rock You! The only way you can put a feeling like that into words is that every time you walk out on stage in front of that many people, it's like your dream coming true all over again. It never wears off, ever." Wow!

Reports from Five's spokespeople claimed that the band "blew Britney off stage", but we couldn't report on this until we'd heard it from the, er, horse's mouth! So, Ritch, can you confirm these claims? "I can actually. We were over there, doing it all live, as it should be at a gig like that, and she did nothing live. Not even the talking bits between her songs - they were taped! She mimed her links! We couldn't believe it!"

But the fans must still have enjoyed her show? "The thing was, the Americans had spent millions on a huge stage set, and then they got mixed reactions. Then we go out, we just go raw, in true British rock 'n' roll style, and blow everyone away!"

But performing at Rockin' Rio wasn't the only thing on Ritchie's agenda - he made sure he had time for a little rest and relaxation as well! "We were in South America for a week. It was hot, we spent a lot of time on the beach..." Ah yes, we heard about that! In fact we've even seen a few saucy pix of you and some young laydees enjoying the sunshine together! "Yeah, they were just some birds I picked up on the trip!" giggled Ritch! "I'd been with the ones you saw in the pictures he night before, and then the day on the beach... And then I met some others, heh-heh! I was having a good old laugh, having some fun in the sun! It's got to be done hasn't it?"