New Interrogate Ritchie
New Mag, Aug Issue 2013

This week we interrogate ... Ritchie Neville from boyband 5ive.

GOOD COP Was it fun getting everyone back together on the Big Reunion tour?
I walked into the rehearsal studio and thought "What have I been doing with my time? I've been running away from myself and the band?" It's great fun to be on the stage with the guys again.

BAD COP Do you think you have more stamina on stage now that you're too old for showbiz parties?
I do love a party! Our schedules aren't as crazy. When we go on stage it's more of a novelty as we're not doing it every night.

GC Michelle Heaton said you've aged the best out of the 5ive boys. Who out of the Big Reunion girls do you think looks the best?
I think I should return the favour to Michelle. But the Kittens all look really well. Kerry looks great considering the years she's had - she's in great spirits.

BC Do you look better now because you got rid of the dodgy 90's curtains and lippy?
I never wore lipstick! Ever! (Laughs) I was only 18 and I used to hate the fact that people thought I wore lipstick. I didn't wear make up either.

GC Your ex Billie Piper says you dumped her over the phone. Are you a heartbreaker?
No! I would never break up with somebody over the phone. I went away and cheated on her and I've never cheated since because I felt so bad. I can't tell you the guilt I felt.

BC In hindsight, should you have stuck with Billie as she is more successful than you?
No. Life has many twists and tuens. We all have a viewpoint about being with someone from the age of 18. It just doesn't work.

GC You own a bar in Sydney. Have you had anyone famous in?
We've had loads of Home and Away stars come in.

BC Do the punters run out when you play 5ive songs?
(Laughs) I never play 5ive songs. The chef once put a couple on the playlist. He just stood there laughing at me .

GC You and former 5ive member J were arrested after a pub brawl in Dublin in 2000. What's the most rock and roll thing you've done?
We threw a TV out of ahotel window in Sweden. We'd had a few drinks and were like "What's the most rock'n'roll thing we can do? Throw a television out of the window. Let's do it" (Laughs)

BC Do you wish J had been kept in the prison cell?
No, but I haven't spoken to him since last year. We aren't talking - I can't remember why ... something to do with my stag do. He had a problem but didn't speak to me about it. I won't chase him.

GC What was your biggest splurge back in the day?
For my 21st birthday I went car shopping and I just pointed to an amazing BMW convertible, which had a TV, and said I wanted it. It was about £40,000.

BC Is that why you ended up broke?
That would've added to it. We didn't see anywhere near the money we should have. I've done the calculations and it's not right. It's too late now though. You just have to let these things go.

- Special thanks to Samantha for writing this out for us.