J Interview With Smash Hits.

"And another thing right"

He says he's "chilling out a bit too much at the moment" but we still found a few things guaranteed to get J wound up...

Chips Without Gravey
Actually, I was born down south, although I am a northerner. I'm not really into that north-south divide thing, the only gripe I've got with southerners is thaat they dont do chips with gravy. That really annoys me. I want big fat chips with loads of gravy.

The Royal Family
I do think with our modern times, personally, that the monarchy isn't needed any more. I know it brings tourism in, but I think its a bit old-fashioned.

(Too Much) Facial Hair
When you see a big, long beard, with bits of food and drink hanging in it, I think that's a bit much. I know from having this, when I have a drink, I have to watch myself. People say my beard is neat and tidy, but then again I think George Michaels is a bit too meticulous. It's a bit dark too....

He was good when he first came out, and alot of people have a stigma about white rappers, but he's too gimmicky. He puts on that stupid voice too much as well. There are loads of better poeple in hip hop.

(Too Many) Boybands
I don't really like commenting 'cos people always say "he doesn't have the right to comment, he's in one" but I do feel that at least with our band, if you listen to our CD, it's not normal boy band stuff. There's no p oint in having so many of them if they're all doing exactly the same thing. But now bands have seen us doing something different and they're purposely trying to be different'. But we didn't try to 'be different', we just were.

Slagging Off Other Bands
The Westlife stuff wasn't us, but the Lee Setps thing...honestly, I think he's a bit of an arse, him and H both are. The thing that started it was them calling us names, but I'm not making a big deal out of it.

Girl Thing
I've got no comment on that, hee hee hee. I think Girl Thing, um, I don't kno what to say (giggles) (You must have a comment, they're lviing in your old house and using ur old car!) Are they wearing our underwear, too(dissolves into mirth)?

Tabloid Newpapers
They don't bother me at all. Even that bit a while ago (The Sun talked of J & Mel's love) was blown out of proportion, in no way, shape or form was I ready for a big full-type thing. But it's all a laugh at the end of the day. Unless they say malicious stuff about my friends or family, I don't mind.

Don't Wanna Let You Go video..
"I was missin for most of Don't Wanna Let You Go 'cos I was ill. I'd been on sleeping pills - all the travelling we'd been doing had screwed up my bodyclock. The night before the video, I ran out of them, so I didn't sleep. I was in tears, and my head wouldnt move! I had to call a doctor. People thought I'd thrown a tantrum 'cos I missed most of the video, but I hadn't. I was unwell."

Anything Else?
No, actually, I'm chillin out a bit too much at the moment...maybe I should think of some other things...."