It's The Things They Say

On love and sloppy stuff
'My perfect romantic moment would be to take a girl to a Caribbean island, book into the penthouse of as luxury hotel and chill out for a couple of weeks.'

On being a pop star
'I think we are doing a worthy job, as we give pleasure to the people who are into our music, and we give them some escapism when they come to see us.'

On being a cheeky monkey in his school days
'I always saw myself as being equal to the teachers, so if they said anything which I thought was stupid I'd tell them Even now, when our manager tells us to be ready NOW I'll be like: "No, I'm getting my stuff ready".'

On 5ive's success
'I still can't believe how lucky I am to have realised my biggest ambition - to be in a band that's really successful - at such a young age.

On his first ever memory
'I remember nearly falling off the third floor balcony of our flat in Germany when I was six. My sister pulled me back inside in the nick of time.'