Trouble meet Five- 1997

J what did you do for your audition?
Well i'm going to keep it quite wide actually Des.Err, I just went in did my part vocally, did my part on the old feet, it was funny actually cause we went into one of the studios in Pineapple and they just flipped a track on, they were taking 15 people at a time and you just had to dance, so I thought I'm going to get myself noticed here so all the other guys are just like chilling (imitates swaying), thinking I'm not doing anything out of the ordinary and I'm in the middle of the floor flips, spins the lot (laughing) and I could see them all looking at me thinking WHAT'S THIS GUY DOING, and I'm like that (gives a demostration) busting all these spins and everything, and then I was like oh no I've gone too far now, but did it, got in!

The girlfriends thing was it a conscientious decision between the 5 of you to say well, you know what I mean, we want to come across as who we are, as far as the girlfriend thing is we'll be honest with it?

Yeah cause we've always said from the beginning,this is like, when people say why don't you want to be classed as a boyband or a typical boyband we've always said we see like the whole boyband thing as like, everything's run for you, your told what to do, what to say, very manufactured yeah and we always say obviously were manufactured in as like we were put together through auditions but its like we don't get told what wear and what to say and stuff, so it was always something we said, it was like well we're not gonna come with any falseness or anything else. So we've always said that Abs has been seeing someone and if any of us sort of got into a relationship we wouldn't do anything to hide it, there's just no problem there.

And in 5 years time where do you all like to see yourselves?

You never know, this single could come out and it might go in at number 57 or it might go in at number 3, you know what I mean, so for me personally you can't really plan, I don't even know what I'm doing tomorrow, I just wake up, we get told, but it's like someone will tell us and I'm playing on my playstation and so its like that (imitates going in one ear and out the other), you know what I mean.