J's in Trouble

A bunch of Invincible lads who've promised We Will Rock You and who Don't Wanna Let You Go... Yeah, Trouble caught up with funky boy-band Five, on the eve of their latest sizzling summer releases. After a quick wave to Ritchie, Scott, Abs and Sean, we got J all to ourselves and had a luvverly heart-to-heart. He told us about the band's hot new single, Let's Dance, out August 13th, plus what grooves to expect on the album (you may be surprised!). He also shared a few personals on life, love and what it's like to be a member of Five... Read on!

Trouble: So, J, what's life like for you at the moment?
Absolutely amazing, actually - in fact, just about the best it's been since I came into this wonderful world 25 years ago!

Trouble: Could it get any better?
Not really, no. I mean, a few things could improve, but not much, to be honest.

Trouble: Tell me, what's the deal with Dani Behr?
I'm not with her any more - we split up about three weeks ago but no-one really knows about it yet - I've kinda kept it to myself.

Trouble: Is that because you prefer to keep your private life to yourself?
Yeah - I mean, with the industry that we're in it's hard to, but we do what we do and you can keep it out of the press if you really want to.

Trouble: OK - and how's single life treating you?
Single life is great!

Trouble: Moving on to the music, tell me all about Let's Dance.
It was written in Dublin by myself and Sean. It isn't a change in direction for Five like a lot of people have speculated - it was just what we wrote at the time. As soon as we heard it we knew it would be a big pop record so we fought for it. It's a perfect comeback record and looks set to be a big hit. It's all blowing up big-time!

Trouble: ...and the album?
The album is a mixture of everything, really - mainly pop but also poppy rap tracks, ballads. A bit of something for everyone, really.

Trouble: You do a lot of up-tempo stuff. Do you ever feel like concentrating more on ballads?
We are what we are, basically. On the second and third albums we've just written what we've felt. We won't go strictly down the ballad route as it's a bit boring, to be honest.

Trouble: Who came up with the idea of the cardboard cut-out when Sean was ill?
We all did, really. People were telling us to put the vid date back but we really didn't need to. It's always been known that Sean's not the lively one in the band so we just went ahead with it. He was cool about it and we got more work out of it in the long run anyway!

Trouble: Who decided that the video would take the mickey out of boy bands and the industry?
We've not got anything against anyone and we're not being malicious - it's just a take on the whole industry and ourselves. People have said that the suit part is like taking the mickey out of Westlife, but it's not - all bands wear suits at some point.

Trouble: How will the fact that Scott has just become a father affect the band?
Well, we haven't asked him to come back to work on a certain date - we're like a family so we don't pressurise each other into doing anything. We've said to him just to spend some time with his baby (awww!). It will change the band but not in a negative way.

Trouble: Who would you say you were closest to in the band?
No one person - we're all like brothers. (Grins broadly) We've spent a lifetime together!

Trouble: Five has been together a while now - at the start, did you think you'd still be a band after all this time?
Well, it kind of went in a negative way... We were put together by the people who put the Spice Girls together, so we thought we might be big, but when it didn't happen straight away we were like, no, we've failed! But it's gone how it's gone.

Trouble: Sum up the media in three words!
Um, genuine, caring and intellectual!

Trouble: Do you think people perceive you in that way?!
The people that I care about do, yeah!