Teen People interview

Teen People: Is Invincible a musical departure from your 1998 self-title debut, which featured the hit single "When the Lights Go Out"?
J. Brown: We feel this album is a lot stronger. We've written every track on it. But 80 percent of what the band is about is stage performance. A lot of so-called boy bands just sit down on stools and sing love songs. That's boring. We prefer to go in there and get the crowd going crazy.

Teen People: You guys don't pull punches, do you?
J. Brown: We don't lie to people. If someone asks, "Did you drink when you were younger?" or "Do you admit that you slept with someone?" we're like, "Yeah." A lot of people don't expect that.

Teen People: We hear you're a bunch of practical jokers. What was the best prank ever?
J. Brown: One night, I was bored, lying in bed. I couldn't sleep, so I put on this latex gas mask with a big nozzle at the mouth. I climbed by Sean [Conlon's] bedroom window, stuck my hand in and started rubbing his head. He came to, realized something was stading there with this really freaky mask on, and started going absolutly mad, screaming. After that, he wouldn't sleep in his room for a month!