Five Will Rock You - J, Sugar 2000

What sort of girls do you go for?
I like really down-to-earth girls who you can have a bit of a laugh with. I also like girls with big juicy full lips!

Which gals don't rock your world?
Girls who do that whole hard-to-get thing. If a girl does that to me I just leave her to it.

You often say you haven't made much money yet. Has it started rolling in?
Yeah. We've all written songs and that's where you make your money, so we've all in a position where we can buy nice houses and cars. But I'm not extravagant with money, it doesn't last long if you are.

What's the biggest lesson you've learnt about fame?
You can't take it for granted. We could be here today and next month we could be sweeping the streets.

What's been your lowest moment?
When we lost our manager, Bob. We got off a plane to hear he'd been killed in a car crash. It was horrible.

Describe your last rock 'n' roll moment.
When we were on tour, some mates stayed in our hotel and we were up till eight in the morning. One of them stripped and danced on the table - in was really funny!

What's been your biggest fight?
When we were filming the If You're Getting Down video, me and Scott ended up screaming at each other. It's just like arguing with family. You love someone to bits but if you're under pressure you flip out!

What's been your scariest moment since you've been in Five?
We went through a weird time, before Everybody Get Up came out. Everyone went on a major paranoia trip and thought the band was splitting up and the single was going to flop. Thank God it wasn't!