He hates pics of himself.
He'd say he's only seen about three photo shoots that he's been happy with. He can't stand looking at the pictures afterwards because he thinks he looks dead stupid in most of them!

He hoards aftershave.
Some people think this is a bit naff, but he buys loads and loads of aftershaves, and he keeps the empty bottles! He only buys really nice ones - Rich and Scott wear cheapo ones like Davidoff Cool Water. He's got about 17 on the go at the mo and loads of empties!

He shows fans his bottom.
He did it not that long ago! There were loads of fans standing outside the studio, and he got bored standing there waving so he got on a chair and pulled his trousers and boxers down. They all started clapping!

He once spent 200 pounds on sweets.
When he lived in Canada about 15 of them went to a roller rink and he was sat there kicking a few old crisp packets around when he saw this bundle of notes. So he put it in his pocket and was saying to his mates, "Can we go? Can we go?" and they were, like, "We've only just got here." When he got home he counted it and there was about $300, so he stashed it in his room and his and his mate used to take about $20 each day to school and spend it on sweets and ice creams 'til it ran out!

He salutes magpies.
If he sees a magpie on its own he salutes it. If he doesn't it's bad luck. Once he was on a train looking out the window and he saw one so he had to salute it. He felt a bit of an idiot 'cos he was in a crowded carriage, so he pretended he was scratching his head and did a little salute as he moved his hand down!