J's Crazy Confessions


What would you take if you were staying on a desert island? A CD player and CDs.

Where did you go on your last holiday? Crete

Who is your favourite All-Saint? Shaznay

What's your favourite season? Summer

What's the best thing you can cook? Various Italian dishes

Do you still get pimples? Not really.

Do you collect anything? Aftershave.

What time did you go to bed last night? 3:30am

What's your front door number? Three

How many fillings do you have? Two

When did you pass your driving test? When I was 17.

What's your fave flavour of chips? Sour cream and onion

What's the most money you've ever lost on a bet? $25, but I won $1250 from Sean once!

Do you ever listen to your own music? Yes, every time we perform.

Do you like your own name? Yes

What's your favourite day of the week? Friday

What colour is your front door? Brown

Can you lick your nose? No

What aftershave do you wear? Lots of different types, but no cheap ones.

When was the last time you were shocked? When I found out we had fans in Greece!