A Revealing Chat with J

Right, J, let's get down to the nitty gritty... do you have a girlfriend?
I haven't got a girlfriend at the moment! I'm not rushing, as I was seeing Dani (Behr) for six months. But, if the right person came along, I would certainly relish the occasion.

Who was the first person you saw this morning?
One of my closest friends on the planet, which is Richard Neville Dobson, aka Ritchie from Five, because I'm staying at his place. I have been for about two weeks now, while I have some stuff at my flat done.

Do you make a good flatmate?
Yeah, I'm not too messy - not any more anyway! I really love conversation. Most nights, we finish work and myself and Ritchie will go back to his. He's got a nice little outside area at his place, so we crack a beer open, read a few books, and we usually chat for at least four or five hours every night.

Would you ever go out with a fan?
I would never date a fan of the band, cos most of our fans are too young to date, even if you wanted to. And if the person was a fan... I know it sounds like a bit of a cliche, but they wouldn't be into me for who I was. They'd be intoo me Cos I'm J from Five. It's not like they've met me or seen me and fallen in love with me at first glance cos of who I am - it's cos of what they perceive me to be.

Who's your best friend in the band?
I really, really, genuinely, on my life, could not give a best friend on the band. The guys... we all say it - we're not friends, we're brothers. We've been together for four-and-a-half years now and we've seen what most people never get to see in their lives together. So I couldn't take one over the other.

But there was a time when you were all falling out, right?
No, not at all. At the start, there were rumours that Five were breaking up and Five hated each other. We used to work 19-hour days, and everyone doing that kind of work 365 days a year is bound to get stressed out. so we did argue a bit, we did fight. But not physically fight, and no, we've never disliked anyone, and we've always been exactly the same.

Erm, J, who was the last person you snogged?
The last person I snogged, apart from Rich (!!!)... well, that would have been Dani.

We're getting very personal now - are you a boxers or a briefs man?
I wear boxer shorts. Kinda the fitted, confortable ones. The ones that keep all your bits in place when you're running!

And finally, what's your favourite line from a Five song?
My favourite line out of a Five song... I dunno, I really couldn't say. One of my least favourite lines would be: 'If you got the feelin', jump up to the ceiling, are we getting down tonight...' I can't even remember the rest actually, but something from Got The Feelin' anyway!