What would you most like people to know about you?
That I'm a straight-forward, down-to-earth, nice, normal guy. People often get the wrong opinion about me. They think I'm stand-offish, but I'm just shy, especially when it comes to girls.

J scared of girls? Never!
It's true, my confidence drops really low. I've got two different moods - loud and quiet. When I'm really quiet I just can't approach women. Even if I'm told some girl fancies me, I can't make the first move.

What are your biggest fears in the world?
Not achieving my own goals and dreams. After FIVE I want my own record company. I wanna be at the top of whatever I'm doing.

Do you hide your feelings or tell the whole world?
If I'm angry - which happens about a couple of times an hour - then everybody knows. I've always had a bad temper since being a kid.

Is it something you'd like to change about yourself?
No. It's handy having a bad temper. It gets me out of difficult, tight spots and stops people from walking all over me.

Has it damaged your friendship with the rest of 5ive?
When I first joined the band I was losing my temper every second but I realised I couldn't be like that around people so I calmed myself down a bit.

How attractive do you think you are?
I wouldn't say I'm an absolute pig, but I wouldn't say I was anything great either. I've got too many faults with my face. I'd give myself about 3 out of 10.

Aw! How about personality-wise then?
If I'm on form and in one of my 'up' moods I'm a 7 or 8. I'm good at putting people at their ease.

What's your earliest memory?
I remember nearly falling off the third floor balcony of our flat in Germany when I was 6. My sister pulled me back inside in the nick of time. Dad was in the forces - that's why we lived over there.

Who makes you jealous?
No one really. I used to be jealous of people who had record deals. Now if someone's got something I'll admire it but I won't feel envious.

Would you ever do a full monty strip?
Probably if the time was right. If I was with my close friends and I knew it would crack everybody up, then yeah. But I don't mean my bits are something to laugh at!

Have you ever forgotten your mum's birthday?
A few times. I'm extremely close to her but I think she expects me to forget things. Girls are better at remembering anniversaries and stuff.

Apart from the obvious. How are men and women different?
Men and women think in a totally different way. Females are a very complex species but men are quite straight forward. You can usually tell what they're thinking.

Do you hate people telling the band what to do all the time?
Yeah I've always had a problem with being bossed around. I could've walked out of school with all 'A' grades but messed around all the time.

Why were you such a bad boy?
I always saw myself as being on the same level as the teachers. So if they said anything which I thought was stupid I'd tell 'em. Even when our manager tells us to be ready NOW, I'll be like, 'No, I'm still getting my stuff ready.'

Ever been bullied?
No and I'd never bully anyone else. I despise bullies. I might have a laugh at people if they're wearing funny clothes but I'd never laugh at someone if they had something physically wrong with them.

Do you worry about kiss and tells?
No. I've only ever had long-term releationships and I'm not into one night stands. Also my ex-girlfriends aren't the type to blab. Anyway there wasn't any weirdo behaviour going on in my relationships thank you very much!

And finally this interview has been...
Very pleasant and easy going!