Jason Drugs Story

This article was taked from the british newspaper "Sunday People":

See J Getting Stoned!

SQUEAKY-clean teen pop idol Jason Brown smoked and ate cannabis at all-night drugs parties, the Sunday People can reveal today. Jason - pin-up singer with chart-topping boy band Five - got so high during the three-hour binges that he couldn't speak. In a sensational video, which was made at one of the parties, Jason, 23, is seen:

-CHAIN-smoking potent cannabis joints;
-GREEDILY eating mind-blowing cakes full of hash;
-BOASTING about how much dope he takes and making disgusting comments about the Queen Mum.

Five, who scored a No 1 hit last month with Keep On Moving, try to project a whiter than white image. But the truth behind Jason's drug shame could not be more different. The 90-minute video was shot by a friend of the star's. The friend said: "Jason would take loads of dope. He was really greedy with the stuff and would always want more and more. "He was a real pig when it came to getting stoned and was only interested in getting completely out of his brains. "We would often make films at these parties to watch the next day to see how stoned we were.


"It was a great laugh - we were all out of it most of the time. "Jason would often play up for the camera and didn't mind at all being filmed rolling up joints and taking gear. He loved getting off his head." The video shows him turning up at the party in Manchester when it is already in full swing. Five of his friends are sitting down in a tiny front room dense with smoke. They are clearly stoned from drugs. Not wasting any time, Jason points at some cakes on the table and asks: "Have these got any weed in them?" When someone admits they have, he carefully studies which cake is the biggest. He says: "It matters to me all right. I'll go for the big one. I hope it'll go right. I'm hoping this has got a big chunk of cannabis resin inside." He confesses to having an addictive personality, saying: "I'm just a greedy bastard. I'm like this with everything." Jason then carefully starts to construct a joint with four rolling papers, tobacco and a large block of cannabis resin. When the conversation turns to the recent death of a celebrity, Jason offers up his own opinion on the Queen Mum. He says: "On the news tonight the main headline is that the Queen Mother has had her hip replacement. "Like big deal. If she was a normal woman she would have had to wait about five years for that treatment." All the time Jason is talking he burns cannabis resin and crumbles it into cigarette papers, ready to light up his next joint. Conversation then dies down for a while because many of the revellers are so stoned they can't talk. But it slowly starts up again and Jason talks with relish about a vicious assault he has seen on a TV programme. He then chatters on almost incomprehensibly about how stoned he is.


He says: "The first time it comes up for four hours. It takes ages to come on and then you start dribbling down your chin." He then starts ranting into the video camera, saying: "When I'm watching tomorrow, I'm telling you that I was really leathered. So don't forget." Appalling behaviour from a singer whose teeny fans bought their records such as Everybody Get Up and If You're Getting Down in their thousands. Parents will be shocked and disappointed that Jason has set such a bad example to their kids.