J in Bed

Five have been away for a while, but now they are back with a new single ahead of a new album. Radio1 called up J from the band as he was getting ready to go on TV to talk about the come-back, the incident with an aerosol spray, new album and the new video...

Apart from the band do you have many celebrity mates?
None at all. I don't do the whole thing. If I meet someone from this business and they are all right I'll get on with them, but I don't know that many people.

Do you keep in touch with your mates from Warrington?
Yeah, definitely. All the time.

What do you do away from music?
I've just turned 25, so I'm quite a bit of an old man. I just get up, if the sun is out go out on the decking and read my book. Watch a bit of the old Discovery Channel. Quite boring.

Five have been out of the limelight for the past few months, has it been nice to take a back seat?
What people don't understand about what we do is it's not a job, we live it - we are in there 24 hours a day. So, you loose track of real life, you don't get to see your family, friends and do normal things. It's been nice having all that back, and it makes you appreciate more what I get to do from my job.

What's this story about you and some fire extinguishers, are you all right?
You get this compressed air spay in an aerosol for cleaning camera lenses, so you don't have to touch the lenses. I was squirting it at my hand and it was pushing my skin creating a mad effect. Then I did it on my neck and we were all laughing, and Scott went 'Put it down your trousers'. And without thinking I did. I squirted it at the top of my manhood - and you know when you get an ice-lolly out of the freezer and you lick it and your tongue sticks to it - I actually froze the top of my 'feller'. It froze it solid and burnt it. So, I went screaming 'Get it some water'. I poured water down my trousers and had to put lots of Aloe Vera gel on it - which was quite nice... I became 'Mr. Freezy' for the rest of the day.

When will the new album be finished?
It's finished now, we are just deciding which tracks to use. We release the first single Let's Dance on 13th August and the album should be on the 29th August.

Talk me through the dodgy facial hair you've been sporting for the new video?
We are doing a whole p-take on the whole thing. We know people have a go at boy bands, but we are one so we can take the micky out of ourselves, and have a go at the whole thing.