Five Chatted Live in June 2001

Mandy: Do you think that, having not been around for a while, some of your fans may not be fans anymore?
J: We had to have a break because we wanted to do a good next album. We took a risk and are now hoping that our core fans will still be there. It's something you have to worry about as you're supposed to keep yourself in the public eye all the time, but hopefully it won't affect us too much.

Hannah: J, is it true that you've broken up with Dani?
J: I'd better tell her now then because she's just brought my dinner in for me! Nothing that's been in the paper is true. We're not getting married yet.

Gemma: What colour boxers are you wearing?
J: Just plain normal white Calvin Klein's - something simple!

Wendy: What was the first single that you ever bought?

J: 'The Show' by Doug Fresh and the Get Fresh Crew. I can't remember how old I was. That's what got me into the hip-hop and rap and stuff.

Becky: If you were on Big Brother, who would you nominate first?

J: I haven't watched any of this series so I don't know any of the contestants. If it was with the band, I'd vote Scott out so he wouldn't miss the first of his kids being born!

Anne Robinson: How do you think Scott becoming a father will change the band?

J: None of us really know what's going to happen when the baby is born. I hope it's not going to affect any of our relationships. It's such a big thing so you can't really tell.

Suzanne: How do you like to be called? J, Jason, Jay or something else...and how do the other members call you?

J: I can't really say what they call me because it's rude, but I have always been known as J. The only time I've been called Jason is by my grandparents or my parents. I always think I've done stuff wrong if I get called Jason!

Jenna: Why does Ritchie have a plaster on his head?

J: We were at a health farm recuperating for a few days and we overdid it in the sauna and went straight into the jacuzzi. Rich went lightheaded and tripped in the jacuzzi and hit his head on the steps. It's not a new fashion statement, he had 3 butterfly stitches.

JenJen Fisher: Do you ever get the urge to hit Abs for being annoying?

J: No - in no way shape or form!

Krystal: Do you guys really hate Westlife as much as the media make out?

J: We don't hate them. We did pass comments on them when we didn't really know them. Whenever we meet them now we get on with them extremely well. We have a few beers together and they are cool guys. I judged them before I knew them but they are cool guys.

Rachel Willis: Did your eyebrow piercing hurt?

J: It didn't hurt, surprisingly. They numbed it before they did it so it was fine. After about 6 months, somebody did rip it out once but since then I've had no problems with it.

Kath H: If you and the rest of 5ive were stranded on a desert island, who would you eat first?

J: I'd say Abs because we always rip into him because he's Turkish. I would roast him up straight away and see if he tastes like a doner kebab...try to rig up some chilli sauce or something!

TOTP: Here's Jay with a final word...

J: Thanks to everyone for supporting us, as we have been away for a year. Thanks for still being there and hope everyone enjoys the new album.