Dani Speaks for the First Time
(NOTW June 17th 2001)

She's given footballers the boot in favour of making sweet music with J from Five. Is this the real thing for Dani Behr?
Dani Behr has revealed the secret of her success with men. Act cool and never call!
Gorgeous Dani has given some of Britain's sexiest men, including footballers Les Ferdinand and Ryan Giggs, a run for their money - and it's easy to see why.
But when it came to J Brown from Five, Dani broke her lifetime's habit - and asked HIM out.
"I was waiting for him to call for three months but he was too shy," she laughs. "I'd met him through friends and we got on brilliantly. I heard afterwards he liked me but he didn't ring! I'd normally never ask a guy out. I'd get embarrassed. But eventually I sent him a text message and that was that." Once she made her move, the couple became inseparable and have been an item since December.
When asked if it's love, Dani buries her face in her hands and giggles with embarrassment. "I don't want to say! And I vowed never to go out with a musician or actor! But he's the most down-to-earth person I've ever met, really smart and funny."

Their favourite nights are spent cuddling up together watching movies in Dani's North London pad, cooking or listening to music. "My neighbours bang on the wall as we play it so loud! We love cooking at home too because we both stay in hotels so much. We have a roast every week. We're so normal and boring!"
She says they are together "24/7" when they are both in the country. But lately she has been jetting off to New York and LA for meetings with US TV executives - and he's been recording the band's new album in Ireland.
Dani says: "The good thing is I can't stand football - and I don't have to go anymore! I've been to J's gigs and I stand there feeling proud but away from that he's just J. He opens car doors for me and is very romantic!"

For the last two years Dani has kept a low profile on British TV while she turned her hand to acting. Her roles in Like It Is and Rancid Aluminium were praised and she played Paul Nicholls' love interest Blondie in the coming-of-age movie Goodbye Charlie Bright. "All the cast were younger boys and I was the only girl and I was always telling them off! I have a younger and older brother so I'm used to being around men. I don't delude myself that I'm Judi Dench but I'm working on it."
Dani, 27 next month, is tanned after a romantic holiday in Mauritius with J, who used to date Mel C. "I booked it on the net in the morning and we flew out the same night! It was fabulous, sunbathing, waterskiing and wonderful food and wine. J hadn't had a proper holiday in six years."
Dani says she won't live with a boyfriend until she knows they are the real thing. "Obviously, I want marriage and children one day. But I'd have to be married before I had a child. It's all or nothing with me.
"It's very early days with J. But he's great. My family have met him and love him. There is nothing about him to dislike. Fidelity is very important to me and despite all the opportunities I'm sure he has, I completely trust him."
Despite her brash TV image, Dani reveals she is an old-fashioned romantic who finds dating tough. "I don't like it," she says. "I don't meet guys at all. Like most girls, I just get the drunken prats coming up to me in clubs."

Dani's passionate on-off relationship with Spurs striker Les Ferdinand kept her in the headlines for years. "He is a wonderful person but he's not the ideal boyfriend!" she says. "I ended it because I was fed up with feeling unhappy. We're still on good terms. But it was over two years ago and I've moved on."
Before big Les was Ryan Giggs. "I probably speak to his mum more than I speak to him! He's been very happy with his girlfriend Emma for years now," adds Dani.

Dani has only to be seen in conversation with a famous man to be linked to them. One of her mates is George Clooney, right. "I'm not star-struck so I don't get impressed by fame. But George is a lovely man, a real laugh." Another pal is Brad Pitt and she has known Catherine Zeta Jones for years.
Dani has worked in the US and bumps into them on the showbiz party circuit. In recent months she has performed in the Vagina Monologues at New York's Madison Square Garden alongside Glenn Close and Jane Fonda.

US TV chiefs are also wooing her to front entertainment shows and she often hosts shows like The Brits for US networks.
"They like my style - they say I'm like a New York broad with a British accent!" she reveals.
But she has no desire to decamp to Hollywood just yet. "I would miss J too much," she wails. Then she adds quickly: "And my family and friends!"

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