Chat With J

J do you ever worry about your eye ring being torn out?
Yeah, I do actually, but I always forget it's there.I always say to the others ,"One day , it's gonna be pulled out," I just hope people are nice enough not to want to rip it outta my face (Sper-Yew)

Do you ever get people asking who you are?
It's usually older people.But even they know who we are now,coz of Neighbours from Hell and everything.

You're at a neighbour-hood Christmas party with all your family and friends - and cos you're in a band they insist you get up and sing! Do you do it, or do you say no?
I'd be up there with my trolleys (English slang for men's undies.) 'round me ankles, someone's bra around me head, jumping about, singing and dancing! (Laughs)

Your new GF cooks you a special Chrissie dinner but it tastes so awful you can barely swallow it! What do you do?
I eat anything anyway, so I'd probably enjoy it! (laughs)

What are your philosophies on life?
Life's too short to take seriously. There's no point being here unless you're having fun. So, Enjoy every moment