I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here, Team Talk

Female first 12th November 2007

The two groups of celebrities met each other in separate condominiums at the Palazzo Versace, Surferís Paradise, Australia, yesterday (SUNDAY) and each group thought they were waiting for the rest of the contestants to arrive.

The two groups are:
Croc Creek:
Rodney, Anna, Marc, Cerys and John.

Snake Rock:
Janice, J, Gemma and Lynne.

Dec visited the Snake Rock group to explain the twist to this yearís show, however, at first Janice thought he was the fifth contestant.

As he entered the room she exclaimed: "Another hottie. Hi where are you from?"

Dec replied: "Iím from Newcastle."

He then told the group: "I donít normally see you the morning you go in - I have a couple of bits of very big news for you."

Janice then realised she had dropped a clanger and said: "Oh youíre a presenter - sorry."

Earlier Janice was the first to enter the plush room.

She joked: "I need a bag so I can steal some of these Versace plates - these are worth a fortune!"

J then walked in next and Janice exclaimed: "This looks good!"

She added: "Iím so happy you walked in even if you turn out to be a creep."

J reassured her: "Iím not an axe murderer."

Janice told J that she would be washing her undies in the jungle: "Iíll be washing my underwear. I have a lot of underwear - are you a cross dresser?!"

J replied: "No."

J then warned her: "The problem with the jungle is there are 12 million people watching. You will be watched and scrutinised by millions."

Janice asked: "Will Prince Charles be watching?"

J told her: "If he knows youíre on it."

Janice then asked J if he was an actor and he told her he was a musician.

She asked: "Do you know who else is on this? Youíre not the Right Said Fred guy are you?"

J said: "No. Iím definitely not Richard Fairbrass."
Gemma was next to arrive and Janice said: "My God sheís gorgeous."

Janice told them: "if thereís anything I do thatís annoying just punch me."