IACGMOOH: J grabs all five stars in Table Top Terror

Digital Spy - 29th November 2007

J has managed to get all five stars during the Table Top Terror Bushtucker Trial.

The former popstar had to place his head inside five giant cloches filled with jungle creatures and drag the stars underneath the table with his teeth.

Ant explained the task, saying: "What you have to do in this trial is go in under each table and pop your head up into the cloche where you will join some jungle critters.

"We will reveal whatís inside just before so everybody can see what it is. You wonít know until youíre in there with them.

"Once youíre inside the dome you will see a star hanging down - all you have to do is detach the star."

When asked what the worst thing he could find in one of the cloches could be, he replied: "Janice screaming at me."

J was quick in pulling out the stars from the first three cloches, which were filled with grasshoppers and millipedes, stick insects and lead mimics, and spiders.

Amazed at J's speed, Ant commented: "I like it when you do a trial. You donít hang around - it gives us more time off. Wicked, thanks J."

He was warned to take his time with the fourth cloche, which had carpet pythons inside it, but J still succeeded in taking the star.

Inside the final cloche was a monitor lizard, and after seeing Ant and Dec's reaction to the creature, J said, "I saw your face then," before adding: "Come on what are you? Letís be having you."

J stuck his head in the last cloche and took the star as the lizard walked in front of his face.

Talking about his success in the trial, J told the presenters: "Yeah Iím really pleased at that."