I'm A Celebrity ... Get Me Out Of Here! Daily Report

Day 2:
J's got quite a fire going - maybe there was something flammable in Janice's sock!

"Janice I've got some bad news," says J. "You've burnt my sock but it's dry," she replies. She's right!

Lynne and J return to the camp with armfuls of logs for the fire.

J is upset that Gemma had to treck so far for the challenge.

J and Lynne talk about Cerys, as they think she's the only girl in the "man camp" (Croc Creek). They both say she's a really cool chick, but they can't remember what her band was called.

"It's so funny watching the body break down slowly. I'm tripping over my words all the time, I'm trying to have a conversation and I'm just mumbling," says J.

"So when they go to edit this down for the one hour show, they must have to edit soooo much footage," says J.

Janice starts squatting up and down in the middle of a conversation with J and Lynne. Now, she's stretching her legs, a bit like athletes do when they're warming up. Weird. Lynne joins in! Janice is doing some kind of ballerina-esque stretches .. where's Gemma when you need her?! "They're trying to make us go stir crazy," says J. "Never," adds Janice. J responds: "I'll never go mad with boredom."

"Gemma must be pretty tired, she's had nothing to eat all day and she's trecking all the way through the jungle." says J.

J's playing with a magnifying glass. "I know what it's for - it's for if the men want to play with themselves after they've been in that water in the morning," he jokes. Speak for yourself J...

J's got the fire going in Snake Rock: "She's probably got them saying, 'Can you come out of the water like that again, Gemma?', 'Flick your hair again'," he says. "Yeah wear that wet T-shirt, Gem," adds Janice.

Good news - J says Gemma was instructed to take a swimsuit with her for her challenge. "They're going to be filming her constantly," says J. "Who can blame them?" Janice replies. "They're not filming me - although I have my following."

J and Janice get told off for not "respecting the environment around them" and going out of the camp boundary.

J says he's enjoying being peaceful and slightly hungry. "It's a nice state to be in. I like it," he says.

Lynne and J compliment Gemma while she's away. "She really is the nicest girl, inside and out," says Lynne.

J is championing the whole "getting away from it all" aspect of being in the jungle. "I guess that's why fasting is used by certain cultures," he says. Deep.

J looks slightly dishevelled and a lot skinnier than he used to be when 5ive were at the height of their fame. He's obviously fallen on hard times.

"If they dropped a load of alcohol in here right now, would you drink it?" Asks Lynne. "No," repliess Jason.

"He's a housewife in disguise," says Gemma, talking about J. "Some men are just good at that kind of thing," Lynne replies. "What are using to wash them in?" J adds: "Just water and a bit of soap."

J from 5ive seems to be washing his smalls, already.

J continues his manly act - collecting logs and rocks.

Gemma's doing her hair. "Did you ask about the mushrooms?" she says to Jason (J) as he lobs a rock around. It's not quite clear what he's trying to do - my guess is he's trying to impress Gemma.

Day 3:
The girls think J feels less masculine as Janice has done more tasks than him.

The girls are hoping J will come back with chocolate.

Lynne and Gemma are happy for J that he is finally doing something.

J promises to return with nice "munchables" as he waves goodbye.

J is getting ready to leave the camp to win a celebrity chest.

J tells Katie he has done nothing since Five split six years ago - saying some of the guys went "cuckoo" from being in the band. He continues to rant about the manufactured pop industry, saying the boys were worked like animals.

J says Janice should refuse to do another challenge if she is picked to do it again.

Gemma wants to make a bet with J - over which contestant will do the most poos! She reckons J or Lynne will win.

J looks embarrassed as he talks about his aspirations to travel to space and climb Mount Everest.

The celebs moan there's no music, before remembering there are two singers in the group. Could there be a Cerys and Jason duet on the cards?

Day 4:
J tells Janice he doesn't like his tattoo - needless to say, she agrees.

J is worried someone is sabotaging his hammock.

J flexes his muscles by doing pull-ups on a pole made of tree bark.

Janice tells J he's so "handy" today - apparently it's because he loves the great outdoors.

J tries out his new hammoc.

Janice tells J he looks like Harrison Ford in Indiana Jones.

J says the boys in Five didn't have a day off in the first nine months together as a band.

J talks about the success of Take That's reunion, sounding a little jealous.

J tells everyone he loves reading Indian philosophy.

Cerys cosies up to J with a hug.

Anna, Cerys, J and Gemma are determined not to let the show manipulate them into making war with each other.

J tells Gemma he was on the verge of madness last night - because of the lack of food.

J is worried someone is sabotaging his hammock.

Marc is concerned Gemma and J aren't drinking enough water.

Day 5:
J held branches to his forehead, pretending they are antlers.

Day 6:
J, Gemma and Rodney chat about obesity.

Gem tells J he looks wasted.

J says even thinking about things is draining, because they have had such little food.

Gemma tells J she's going to wear her I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! t-shirt on Christmas Day.

Teetotal J says he would be tempted to have a drink if there was one waiting for him when he leaves the jungle. Janice agreed, saying: "Everything tempts me."

J looks calm, despite being covered in flies.

Janice tells J he has a 12 pack at the moment. He says it's because he's losing weight and hasn't been eating. She tells him to keep at it.

Katie feels a lot older than J, despite only being one year apart.

New best pals Lynne and Chris agree J is a very special lad.

Day 8:
J says some crabs can rip people's fingers off.

J shows off his hairy chest as he sunbathes.

J lusts after a museli yoghurt.

Gemma wants to find somewhere she and J can sit in the sun.

J tells Gemma it's too hot to sit near the fire.

J grosses everyone out by talking about a wound that has turned green and gangrenous.

J says he fancies a pint of Guinness.

J says aardvarks are funny creatures.

J and Biggins have a sombre chat about being on the property ladder.

Biggins says he can't belive he'll be turning 60 soon and advises J to hang on to every moment possible.

Lynne encourages Biggins to help Gemma and J find acting coaches when they leave the jungle.

Janice says she's not in the mood for pranks, after she thinks J rifled through her bag.

Biggins asks J if Five were a physical band, jumping around on stage alot. He wants J to do a medley for him.

J starts talking about the awards he won when he was in the band, saying they are all boxed up. Biggins recommends auctioning them for charity.

J says he always hated pop music and prefers underground music. He tells Lynne his parents advised him to take the job with Five so he could pay for what he wanted later.

J looks pained as he explains he's embarrassed he was a member of a boy band. But he regrets saying anything as he doesn't want to offend Five's fans.

Gemma says she fancied Sean the most from boyband Five - not J.

Janice checks up on J, checking he's doing ok today.

Rodney gives J the latest on his knee injury.

Day 9:
J impresses Janice with all his tales of bungee jumping.

J believes the whole experience is cleansing.

J says he is in his element. John agrees, saying he's never had time alone like he's having now.

John and J try to talk in code about Cerys and Marc's relationship.

J says he's got the fire to start working again. About time.

J says it annoys people that he doesn't know what he's doing one day from the next.

J tells the group about his trip to Goa.

Everyone chats about pronounciation and the US versus the English language. J tells everyone he says 'soccer' instead of football.

J is surprised Marc was first to go. Anna agrees, saying she thought he'd be in the final three.

J is talking about the flies copulating again.

Cerys tells J he has a random mind. He agrees, saying that's why he is kept up half the night.

The group talk about swearing and J assures everyone he doesn't use the C-word.

J and Biggins chat about Ibiza - and the places to avoid.

Day 10:
J, Gemma and John discuss how much they would be willing to pay for their favourite drink now. John reckons he'd pay 30 for a banana smoothie with maple syrup and caramelised, toasted pistachios. Gemma is longing for a blueberries and blackberries blended smoothie with ice and natural youghurt. While J is desperate for a cappacino and says he'd offer 40.

J says he's been gagging to find a good Chinese restaurant back home.

John gives advice to J about where to go for the best dim sum in London.

J moans - in his incredibly monotonous voice - about how much rice he has consumed in the jungle.

Gemma is freezing, so J tells her to put some clothes on. She moans she's already wearing loads, but he tells her to put a fleece on.

J begs the I'm A Celeb crew for water. He says it might make good TV if they're all dehydrated - but they are desperate.

J says he likes 'losing his marbles' and not having anything to think about. He tells the campers that's why he likes being delirious.

No one can stop thinking with their stomachs. Gem asks J what his favourite kind of food is - and they start chatting about their ideal dish.

J is off for a nap as he's exhausted.

Janice tells J not to worry and be happy. He says he would be if he could just get some sleep.

J moans he is sleep deprived and is desperate to rest his mind.

J rants into his microphone: "Can we have some water please? Can we have some water please? Can we have some water please? Can we have some water please? Can we have some water please? Can we have some water please? Can we have some water please? Can we have some water please? Can we have some water please? Can we have some water please?"

J is desperate for the tea.

J says people at home will never get close to experiencing what they have. He says he's delighted to have been given the opportunity.

J calls Gemma Jemima Puddleduck - after the Beatrix Potter character.

Day 12:
J is gagging for a bottle of wine tonight.

J says he's now referring to the jungle as "camp fear" instead of Cape Fear.

J is desperate for fatty foods to put on weight - as he thinks his legs now resemble that of a 12-year-old. Biggins reckons they look more like that of a six-year-old.

J is talking about fudge and ice-cream.

J reckons some exercise will perk his mind up.

J feels like the group is diminishing, even though only three have left.

The group chat about the army. J says he wouldn't last two seconds as he couldn't handle being shouted at.

Day 14:
Cerys wanders off and leaves J, Janice and Gemma to have a chat.

Cerys tells J that she wants to go home tomorrow to see her babies.

Gemma, Anna, Cerys and J are having a heart to heart in camp.

J tells Cerys about a beetle that he has just seen in the jungle. He says: "It had two horns like a stag coming out of its head." Cerys listens while puffing away on a cigarette.

Janice tells J that she would love a salad with fresh avocado and some ice cream for afters.

Anna, Cerys, Gemma, J and Janice are chatting in camp.

Gemma and J's conversation turns to using food in bed. J says he doesn't get people who like using cream in bed. He says: "I get chocolate, but not cream. It just leaves your skin smelling of baby sick." Gemma says: "Yeah, I'd prefer to just get it over with and then have a chocolate bar. I'm like 'hurry up and do it so I can have the chocolate'." Careful...you are destroying many a man's fantasy, Gem.

J tells Gemma that the first thing he will eat when he leaves camp is a big slice of chocolate cake with a cup of coffee. Gemma asks him whether he will have it with whipped or fresh cream. He says fresh, all around the outside. Gem replies: "Yeah, whipped is better with jelly. Mmmm."

J says to Gemma that he likes the feeling of flies crawling on his back and legs. He says: "It's like a mini-massage innit? I just don't like it when they fly in your face and ears." Ok then J...

J is called to the Bush Telegraph and so off he trots.

J is called to the Bush Telegraph. Gemma says: "I hope we get something fun to do today." All the campers agree.

Gemma asks J: "Do I have to blow on it?" The poor lad doesn't know where to look! She's talking about the fire J.

Chris says: "This is the life, they are paying us to do this, can you believe it?" J says, "I know it really feels like that today doesn't it?" Gemma has gone off to get some wood for the fire. Janice tells J he should go too, but he says he did a wood run earlier. Janice cheekily replies: "Well do another one!" J just laughs.

Janice says she is going to make a coffee for campers now they have their goat's milk to make a decent cuppa. J seems highly excited about a cup of the brown stuff. He's been dying for a coffee ever since he stepped foot in Oz.

Caffeine-starved J has taken charge of the coffee-making.

Gemma tells her fellow campers that she has never had coffee before. J says: "Don't judge it by this then." The ex-boybander is not convinced that goat's milk will make the perfect latte.

J says: "I'm sorry guys but I'm gonna have an argument when they get back, on principal. Janice has taken two sugars, she has taken someone else's ration. That's a horrible human being that would do that. That is awful." Biggins laughs and says: "Poor Cerys."

J can't let it rest and says something must be done about Janice. He says: "That is just disgusting human behaviour. She is just one of those people who is categorically out for themself."

Rodney approves of his coffee made with goat's milk, as does J. Gemma most definitely does not. Anna holds her nose to drink some but then gives the rest away. She says: "It's like drinking a goat. That is revolting." A grateful Rodney says: "It's better than nowt!" The girls don't seem to agree.

J says the taste of the goat's milk is quite cheesy. He says: "It's weird, it tastes sort of like the goat smelt, I can't explain it, it's really weird."

Anna says that Janice thinks this show is just for her. J says he would hate to be in that mind-set.

J and Gem rinse their rice. Gemma says: "I bet John is watching this and thinking 'what the hell are they doing!'".

Rod brings back more wood for the fire and encourages J to do a trip of his own.

Anna returns having collected wood for the fire. J muses over what a beautiful day it is.

Gemma's cooking some rice for her and J.

Gem and J tuck into their rice. Gemma says it is a bit mushy but tastes alright.

Day 15:
Christopher says he thinks Gemma and J will get six stars for camp in today's Bushtucker Trial. He jokes: "If they don't I will completely osterise them. Is that the right word 'osterise'?" Cerys corrects him and says, "We will all ostracise them if they get any less."

Celebs decide they can't wait for camp 'kids' J and Gemma and start tucking into their food. They all agree it's nice and better than John Burton-Race's cooking. Good work Cerys!

Gemma and J return. They tells their campers that the trial was a disgusting twist on a ghost train. They are covered in mud and what looks like a mixture of fish guts and bugs. Lovely.

Gemma and J are scrubbing each other clean in the lake.

Cerys is in bed getting ready to have a nap. Gemma and J have gone to have a wash after their trial.

Janice is called to the Bush Telegraph. Gemma tells J that she's ready to go home. J says that the water is absolutely freezing.

J gets dried up now that he's clean.

Anna puts J and Gemma's lunch on to cook for them.

Janice is plaiting her hair. J and Gemma return to camp.

J is called to the Bush Telegraph.

Gemma and J tell Biggins about their task.

Gem and J are telling others about their trial. Gemma said it was cockroaches that got her screaming. The pair got bugs tipped on their heads and had thirty seconds to find each star on the 'ghost train'.

J is drying his socks over the campfire and having a chat to Cerys.

Cerys and J are wondering what sort of trial Janice and Anna will be doing now.

J and Cerys are talking about their favourite type of doughnuts. Cerys says she likes them best hot, just cooked.

Cerys is back up out of bed and chatting to J.

Gemma and J are finally almost dressed and feeling human again. J is still moaning about how cold the water in the pool is.

Gemma comes back and tells J and Biggins that she had a special task to slip five Five songs into conversation but she failed because J picked up on it. If he hadn't have said anything they would have got some special drinks tonight.

J keeps smelling himself and turning his nose up. He can't get rid of the stench of whatever was poured over him earlier in the task. Cerys tells him: "Don't worry, if it's anything like the slime it will just go in time."

Gemma and J managed to get three stars from their trial today, so campers are going to be a wee bit hungry tonight.

J says he can't wait for the flight home because he loves flying.

Gemma tells J that she can't wait to get home now and get food and get clean.

J is called to the Bush Telegraph and told to bring his dirty mic pack with him. Cerys and Biggins go to fetch it from the pool for him.

J rubs some cream into mosquito bites on his ankle.

J returns with new boots for himself and Gemma.

J is complaining that his new boots are far too big for him.

J and Gem are having another reminisce about their trial this morning. No wonder Cerys is being sent to sleep.

Day 16:
J moans that it's raining,

Biggins asks J if he speaks French - he says he can barely speak English.

J reckons French films are his favourite genre of movies.

J tells everyone to rent "Them" when they get home.

J decided to sit alone for half an hour.

Biggins tells J he feels criticised when he goes out.

J looks sombre as he swings alone on the hammock.

Biggins and J set off on their task.

Biggins and J are on their way back into camp - they've won eggs for the camp.

Day 17:
J tells everyone else about his trial.

J and Janice are back in camp.

J is bemused to have pulled a ginger hair out his beard.

J wants to "bake" himself in the sun.

J is shy to show off his body as he doesn't want to revert back to his old boyband image.

Biggins tells J to show his body off. The group egg him on, saying he's worked hard for his physique.

J talks about his sister, telling Biggins she works in a care home.

J says he is fortunate enough to have no phobia of bugs.

Gemma tells J it's difficult to get to sleep because each time she drifts off a fly lands on her.

Gemma recommends J watches Superbad when he gets home.

Gem tells J she is gagging for white chocolate.

J reckons there is a storm brewing.

J says he needs a nap as he's tired today.

J says he's off for a nap by the fire... for the tenth time today.

J is panting unattractively as he does press-ups.

J wakes up and decides to have a shower. The camp is quiet as Cerys and Gemma are still off doing thier task.

J is snoozing away.

J takes a lengthy shower.

J looks painfully embarrassed when Janice asks if he wants a bikini wax.

J says he used to bite his nails so far down he couldn't even pick things up without being in pain. Biggins looks appalled.

J says he has no plans to have kids, but is worried he may miss out.

Biggins tells J he'd make a marvellous father. J agrees, saying lots of people have told him that.

Day 18:
J looks after the fire, while the other three mill around.

J asks Biggins how far he wanted to get on the show before he came into the jungle.

J asks Jan why she's in pain.

J goes for a lie-down.

Biggins says he is exhausted, J agrees saying he is shattered.

Poor J is wondering around camp with no one to talk to.

J is lying there with his eyes open... perhaps looking pensive or perhaps he can't sleep.

J and Janice are still sleeping while Biggins and Cerys are away on their task. The camp is so quiet now only four remain.

Biggins and Cerys are

Cerys and Biggins tells J they had to go abseiling to collect the Celebrity Chest.

Both Cerys and J agree they are having a better time now most people have gone.

J tells Cerys he knew she'd be in until the end.

Cerys tells J she thought she'd be out of the jungle after a week.

J says his mental ability is fried.

Cerys and J chat about their hits, but reckon they can't remember where their songs charted.

J reckons I'm A Celeb has a stigma attached to it as it is reality TV. Biggins agrees, but says the organisation behind the show is incredible on every single level.

J wonders how much the owner of the land charges ITV and the film crew to shoot I'm A Celeb.

Day 19:
J is snoozing... what a surprise.

J is worried about Biggins and tells him to eat some rice.

Biggins is called to the Bush Telegraph. He jokes to J that the crew are getting overly-familiar with him by calling him Biggys. The voiceover chips in and apologises, saying: "Will Sir Christopher Biggins come to the Bush Telegraph?"

J is attending to the fire, adding wood to keep it burning.

J is called to the Bush Telegraph.

J moans that he's shattered today.

Jan asks J to make her a cup of tea, he obliges quietly.

Janice has reappeared... J doesn't look very impressed.

Janice thinks the remaining 24 hours will be tough. J thought it would be easier, as a final treat.

J is lying in the sun, soaking up some rays.

Janice and J agree that Gemma is brave.

J has been told he needs his swimming shorts for his next trial.

J waves goodbye and sets off.

Biggins and Janice egg J on... telling him he'll do just fine in his upcoming task.

J grabs a spoonful of rice before heading off to his trial.

The camp is quiet as J is still away tackling his trial, Biggins is nowhere in sight and Janice has just woken up.

J complains about his physical weakness again, admiring Janice for still being on her feet.

J returns to camp and tells Janice and Biggins about his task.