I’m A Celebrity 2007: Janice Dickinson Offers To Sleep With J Brown

Unreal TV (12th November 2007)

Former model Janice Dickinson livened up the Snake Rock camp last night as she offered to go skinny dipping and then sleep on top of heart throb, J.

As the Snake Rock team – Janice, Gemma, Lynne and J – arrived in camp after their long journey an excited Janice exclaimed: “Wow cool I like it…this is cool.”

But J’s attentions were already focused on the beds which were sodden with water due to the rain.

“Aren’t the f**kin beds a bit wet,” he said.

Ever the gentleman he asked Lynne which bed she wanted.

Janice then joked: “I’ll sleep on top of J.”

J appeared not to react to her suggestion and continued to check out the camp.

But Janice had another idea up her sleeve.

“Let’s go for a skinny dip.”

J then came up with a more sensible idea.

“I’ll get started on the fire.”

Janice tried to organise her fellow campers saying: “Okay you do the fire, then you do the toilets then you give me a massage.”

Janice and J then each made a Tarzan style jungle calling by singing out and Janice shouted: “I’m waiting for Tarzan baby.”

Later as the team settled into their new home Janice complained about her clothes being wet.

She said: “It’s soaking everything is soaking wet…I just don’t like my fanny all wet.”

J asked: “Is that the British or American version of fanny when you say that?”

Janice replied: “Pussy.”

J responded: “Okay.”