J Nearly Went Mad On Drugs

The Sun - 24th November 2007

FORMER boyband member J thought he was going insane during a horrific drug trip.

He spoke openly about dabbling in various psychedelics - including acid.

He said: "I always thought people saying such a thing as a bad trip was just b******s."

But several years ago J experienced the reality himself.

The singer said: ďI was on my own in my apartment and I had quite a good dose of stuff and it all just went absolutely tits up and I saw basically, well as much as you can see on this thing the power of the human mind.

ďAll that was going on in my head was Iíve gone mad and thatís all my universe was saying Iíve gone mad, Iíve gone mad, Iíve gone mad, Iíve gone mad and I couldnít see outside of my mind to get past it.

ďOne minute Iíd be deep in conversation with whatever I thought was there and Iíd turn around and the sort of reality would dawn and Iíd be like, Iím losing my f***ing mind."

He added: ďI remember being on the sofa with the duvet pulled over me trying to get away from my own mind, which obviously you canít do.

"Basically I thought I had gone absolutely insane and I thought Iíd gone mad. It just went on and on and all time disappeared, all reality disappeared, it was absolute hell. "I truly believe that that night my mind touched on being mad and on being insane.Ē