J Scared Of His Own Infidelity

16th November 2007 - The Sun

JUNGLE cat J says he's no cheater - but thinks life would be easier if he had the 'cheating gene'.

The former Five singer confided in John about his infidelities and his fear of not knowing what he wants.

When John asked if he had girlfriend, J said: ďYes I have. Iíve got someone.

"Iíve known her for the best part of four and a bit years but itís been quite on and off at times, with sort of me not knowing what I want to do with myself.

"But I have messed her about quite a bit. Not purposely, but just not knowing what I want to do relationship wise."

He said he was scared hitting his thirties, because his love life became more serious.

J said: ďI think Iíve knocked it on the head four or five times for quite a few months at a time then I come back with my tail between my legs and sheís brilliant, takes me back, forgives me.

ďI donít do anything when I go off. I think one time in India I had a bit of a thing with someone, but itís not that I run off because I want to do something with someone else."

He explained: ďWhen youíre a guy and youíre with someone you start panicking, even though Iím with a lovely women whoís absolutely f***ing lovely you start thinking thereís lovely women out there.

ďIíve cheated once in all my years of relationships, which Iíve regretted wholeheartedly.

"I would never do it again. Iím not a cheater."

He added: ďSometimes I think it would be a lot simpler if I had the cheating gene somewhere within me - just have a little bit of a dabble and then come back.Ē