J - In His Own Words

Entertainment UK - November 2007

Every year, people of varying levels of fame sign up for I'm A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! Find out what some of the poor saps have to say about it.

What's your worst jungle nightmare?
The fact that you can't get up and have a coffee in the morning. I absolutely love coffee but you can only win a cup as a treat. Waking up to beans and rice and boiled water is a bit of a nightmare.

Is there anything that will make you shout: 'I'm A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here'?
I'm not really sure, which is one of the reasons I signed up to the show. I'm pushing myself to see what I can put up with – but I did ask them that I hope they've devised some quite dreadful stuff so that I can have a go with it.

Can you handle the snakes and spiders?
I'm not scared of spiders but imagine being tied down in a pit with 40 or 50 crawling all over you. That's completely different.

Do you think you'll be able to sleep in the creepy jungle?
I'm not sure, which is why my luxury item is a pair of ear plugs. I don't snore and I've only ever sleepwalked twice in my life, so I hope I'm fine at night.

When did you sleepwalk?
When I was 17, I used to work in a pizza-making place. I used to knead dough that often that I ended up downstairs in the living room kneading a pillow at four in the morning, which was quite interesting. The other time was just a random bit of sleepwalking downstairs – but I took my alarm clock with me, which I thought was quite bizarre.

Were you naked?
I wasn't, fortunately – but there was only my mum and dad in the house so it's not anything they haven't seen before. Hopefully I won't be prodding anyone in the ear with anything if I go for a midnight meander in the jungle.

Gemma Atkinson admitted she sleepwalks – and that she might get into bed with another camper. How would you feel about that?
Well, it's rude not to keep somebody warm at night if they need a bit of warming up. It depends what they're after. I'll see how that goes…

Would it be a nightmare for you if a greedy record company repackaged 5ive's Greatest Hits and tried to flog it after your stint on the show?
That wouldn't be a nightmare. I would sit there rubbing my hands together because people would be buying my bread and milk for the next few years.

What happened to the 5ive reunion?
Well, the record company wanted us to do a reunion tour with all our old tunes, just like Take That did. But at the age of 31, I didn't really think it was the best thing for me to be doing. I couldn't see myself waving my hands in the air to 10-year-old kids.

Are you hoping for a solo career after this?
A while ago I would've said absolutely no but recently I've been thinking it might be quite nice. When I had dealings with the industry at the end of last year with the 5ive reunion, I realised how impossible it would be – especially with my background of being in a full-on pop band.

Why's that?
The music I've been making on my own is electronic stuff like Massive Attack, which I don't think people would be willing to give me a shot at.

Will you be rapping in the jungle?
Certainly not! No, I won't be doing any of the old 5ive revival stuff, unless they shipped in a bin-load of beer and wine. You never know what would happen then, really. Hopefully I won't be boring anyone with any of the old 5ive stuff, though.

What about if they shipped in the other four lads from 5ive?
If they did something like that, I'd have to leap on an old outfit and jump around like an absolute idiot to one of the old records because that would be an absolute scream. In fact, that would be amazing!