J Almost Boxed By Heavyweight

The Sun - 24th November 2007

ALL singing and dancing former boyband member J nearly got beaten up - by world heavyweight champion Evander Holyfield.

He was working in New York with his band and got up early to do a TV show.

J said: “We were in the lobby and people were milling around getting our stuff ready, my best mate Rich wanted a cigarette and went and got one from the concierge and then needed a light.

"He went off to get one and came back around 40 seconds later and was absolutely fuming.

"He said he’d bumped into the most rude, arrogant w****r ever."

Little did he know that the 'rude and derogatory' guy he'd asked for a light made a living from beating people up.

J said: "So we decided to go and find him and have a word when this guy came up and said: ‘mate do you realise who that was you were just going to give some verbal grief to?’

"We said no and he told us it was Evander Holyfield, the world heavyweight champion.

"So we decided to leave that alone.”