Hot Stuff With J

Do you think your tastes in women have changed since you've been in the band?
My taste has definitely changed. It's changed in the sense that I've always been into seeing older people, then last year I'd see someone that was a couple of years younger than me. But now I can't do that, cos younger girls just don't really stimulate me. I'm still into many different types of girls - as long as they're older, heh heh!

Do you prefer cozy nights in with your girl or wild nights out with your mates?
Night in with your girlfriend and the lads (laughs)!

Do you think it helps to have a girlfriend when the pressure is on?
I do think it's good. Sometimes, when I was single, I'd lie awake in bed at night and think how nice it would be to have a girlfriend. I've always been a serious relationship person, so I do miss it on my own. Sometimes it's just nice to have someone to cuddle up to, but other times I want my freedom. It's no-win situation.

When was the last time a girl turned your head?
Last night in Putney High Street. There were some very nice girls walking around...

When was the last time you asked a girl's number?
It was Rotterdam in Holland. It was a girl with a white bikini and dark hair. She came to club with us and she asked me to call her, but I never did. I never really ask for girls' phone numbers. I think that was the second time I'd ever done it. I usually make the first move, but not that way! Actually, the last time I approached someone was when Sean and I were out a while ago. There were two girls in this bar, actually that was the reason we went in there. I went over and asked if we could join them. That's the best way to do it!

When do you feel sexiest?
When I'm in a fake Chinchilla fur coat, heh-heh! Or when you're on the bus and you're sweating and you can smell everyone's sweaty armpits [laughs]...

How do you like a girl dress on a night out?
I like women to really dress casually, unless it's somewhere really special that we're going. Not too revealing and always quite feminine. Just really respectable and nice.

Do you have any going-out pants?
Before I got into the band I did, 'cos I only used to have one or two pairs of nice Calvin underpants. I also used to have nice white boxers that looked like Calvins that I used to wear as well. Now I can afford to buy lots of nice underwear, so I always wear nice pants.

What is the most important personally trait for your girlfriend to have?
I couldn't say just one thing really. Loads of things are really important, like loyalty and a sense of humour.

When was the last time that you were stood up?
Actually, I've never been stood up and then again, I've never stood anyone else up either.

Have you ever bought naughty underwear for a girl?
I have bought underwear, but I've never really bought anyone anything wild.

Do you know what love is?
I think I've known what love is for ages. I both love and hate being in love. I could never be in love with someone who didn't give me a bit of a fight sometimes. But there again, when you are in a relationship with someone who does give you grief, you sort of wish that they didn't do it so much.