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Do you believe in love at first sight?
Yup! I met my ex-girlfriend when I was working in a studio. I couldn't stop looking at her. It was everything about her - the way she looked and carried herself, the way she was talking. It really was love at first sight.

Pop hunk Jason's five star bondage romps.
Interview with Avril Wilson
NOTW 28th Feb 1999

Pop pin-up Jason Brown liked to be lashed naked to a divan by his dressing gown cord while girlfriend Avril teased him until the tassles bounced against his bedhead. Muscled Jason, whose group Five are teen idols after a No.1 album and a string of Top 10 hits acted out the bondage sessions while his favorite singer Sade played on his CD system. Amoung her classics were the apt No Ordinary Love.
And last night 28-year-old Avril Wilson revealed how their passion tied her up in knots too-putting her thousands in debt to support Jason until he left her in tears to hit big time.

Avril, who lived with the star for two years, confessed: "It really turned him on when I tied him to the bed with his dressing gown cord. He just loved to be teased before we had sex. I'd touch him all over and really whip him up. He loved every minute of it and I liked him at my mercy.
"He's got a really good body, very well defined in all the right places and I enjoyed it as much as him. He used to writhe all over the place as I did a slow strip in front of him. He'd be dying to get his hands on me but couldn't. "I could do what I wanted to him and it always ended up with us making love with him still tied to the bed. "I was always left satisfied too because even with his hands tied to the bed he was able to please me during sex. He didn't need to touch me with his hands to make me fulfilled. Sex with him was always electric. He was able to take me off into another world, and I think I did the same for him.
"We'd do it two or three times a night for weeks."
But there was a hint that maybe she thought more of him than he did of her when she added: "I was bothered about being tied up myself because I was always scared he'd leave me stranded and go watch television or something!"

Dark-haired Avril thought she had discovered the man of her dreams when she met Jason in the summer of 1995.
"I answered an ad in a free ads paper for a girl singer at a recording studio in Wigan and Jason was there doing some rapping," she said. "We hit it off straight away and about three weeks later we started seeing each other. He wasn't working at the time and he was living with his sister, Donna. After about six weeks we moved into his mum and dad's old house in Merseyside- Newton-le-Willows it was."
But Avril said after moving in with Jason she discovered the real love of his life was himself. "He's so vain," she said. "It used to be a constant battle to get in the bathroom because he'd spend hours getting ready, twiddling his hair with gel. Sometimes he wouldn't go out if he didn't have the right level of sun tan. And he was obsessed with the gym and working out. "But saying all that, he was a good lover. He was 19 when I first met him and even though he'd only had about three or four girlfriends he knew what he was doing. His girlfriend before me was 32 so perhaps she passed on some tips."

But soon Jason became depressed at the lack of musical success. Avril took out a £5,000 bank loan to buy Jason studio equipment so he could record his own tapes at home. Avril, who is also a singer, explained: "He wasn't in regular work at the time but I was with my singing so he asked if I could get a loan in my name. He said not to worry because he'd pay me back, or his parents would."

Then, in a last-ditch attempt to realise his ambition, Jason replied to an advert in the performing arts newspaper The Stage to join a boyband. Avril recalled: "We went down to London together for the audition and then we had to wait about a week.
"I remember ringing up pretending to be his sister to see if he'd passed - he had.
"Within two months he'd moved out and was living with the band in a house in Surrey."

Worried Avril was certain his success would be the death-kneel to their relationship, but Jason claimed her fears and vowed never to leave her. "He kept saying it was for both of us and he'd always be there for me," she sighed. "He said I could be in the background.
"He came home for his 21st birthday in June 1997 and we went out together, but we had major rows. The atmosphere had changed because he'd gone off and was being treated like a star. I was devastated. Jason went back down south and two weeks later I got a phone call saying we were finished.
"The last time I heard from him was October when he rang me. I went around to see him at the house where we used to live. It was very strange because the place was just mobbed by young girls screaming for Jason. He didn't have a lot to say for himself really. I didn't ask about the money because I always thought that once he'd sorted himself out he'd see me right, but it hasn't happened.
"I fed and clothed him for two years and I'm really disappointed that he could treat me like this. I once helped get him a job selling advertising space - I even bought him a suit for the interview. He lasted a week because he didn't like it.
"I loved him so much, still do probably. It wasn't just some fling. We lived together. I supported him financially and emotionally during that time. I helped him through the low points when he felt he was never going to make it and then when he did he just phoned me up and said 'It's over'.
"He was kind to me at first and we were so good for each other. He'd cook my tea for me. That's why it's so hard to equate that to the man who calls you up and finishes with you on the phone."

Now Jason, 22, has a different calling... superstardom. Five's hits include Slam Dunk Da Funk, When The Lights Go Out, Got The Feelin', Everybody Get Up and Until The Time Is Through.
In December the band carried off gongs for Best British Band and Best British Album at the Smash Hits Awards. Desperate Avril has even contacted Jason's management in a bid to prise the cash out of him - ...without success.
"Last October he sent me £1,000," she said, "but he still owes me about £2,500. A few days ago I rang the management company and got straight through to Bob Herbert, who manages the band, and said that I really needed to speak with Jason.
"Two days later Jason's phone was disconnected."

Still she does get a mention on the cover of Five's album. In deathless prose, Jason gushed: "I love you Averil, I will never forget what you did for me." Clearly, though, he had already forgotten how to spell her name.