Gossip On J and Mel C's Relationship!

6th March 2000... Source: Dominic Mohan's Bizarre, The Sun

THE Brits is the biggest night in the pop calendar and afterwards everyone went partying.
As usual, Bizarre went to all the after-show bashes to see who was with who ... and what they were getting up to. Here's my rundown, with marks out of ten:
MEL C and Five heart-throb J had a blazing row and then kissed and made up during the SPICE GIRLS' private party at Sugar Reef.

Apparently, Sporty was hurt that the hunky star had described her as ugly in an interview and made sure J knew how angry she was.

But J managed to make amends - so much so that the pair finished the night snogging in a corner.


10th March 2000...
Source: Matthew Wright, The Mirror


SPICE Girl Mel C has put paid to the endless rumours about her sexuality - by dating J, singer with boyband Five, a man who once branded her "ugly".

Mel, alias Sporty Spice, opened her heart on her new romance during an astonishingly frank interview on the web.

But she drew shy of naming her lover for fear of "scaring him off."

Yours truly has never been known for such coy behaviour, so I can tell you that Mel, who once had a brief fling with Robbie Williams first got intimate with J - real name Jason Brown, 25 - after last Friday's Brit awards.

The pair were introduced by a mutual pal at London's Sugar Reef restaurant where the Spice Girls were holding their post-Brits bash. At first, the pair had a blazing row as Mel, 26, laid into J for the "ugly" jibe.

But they must have patched things up as a very happy-looking Mel was last seen leaving the party for a late-night rendezvous with her new man.

Yesterday on the net, Mel revealed that the one question she was repeatedly asked centred on her sexuality. It seems her short hair and tom-boy apparel had folk wondering if she preferred girls to guys.

Asked if anything still shocked her, Sporty hesitated before coyly replying: "I am quite shocked that I met someone nice the other day."

When pushed if this was "in a boyfriend kind of way," Mel replied: "I hope so... a famous boy, yeah."

But she held back from naming her new man, saying: "It's early days yet so I'm not ready to say. I don't want to scare him off."

The only clue Sporty gave to his identity came later when she said: "I might go and see Five in concert."

Five kick off their first world tour in Glasgow tonight.

Ironically, Mel claimed that most of today's boybands were "terrible" during the interview.

And she also slagged off former Spice Girl Geri Halliwell's singing as well as claiming Posh and Becks were making trouble for themselves by flaunting their wealth.

"It does get up people's noses, but David and Victoria really don't ask for it.

"OK, they could play it down a little, but why should they?"


Source: Showbiz, Daily Star
Mel C's new man

SPORTY SPICE Mel C is so besotted with Five heart-throb J that pals say they are never off the phone to each other.

Mel C and J were spotted snogged last Friday night after meeting at a party held by the Spice Girls at the trendy Sugar Reef restaurant in London, following the Brit Awards last Friday.

Ironically, Mel C only approached J - real name Jason Brown - to have a go at him for having once called her "ugly" in a magazine interview.

The couple soon made up and ended in a passionate embrace. Since then, they have fallen for each other in a big way.

They've met up at least twice for secret dates, despite J being busy with the hectic preparations for Five's European tour which kicks off tomorrow.

Even when apart, friends say they enjoy romantic mobile phone calls.

One close pal of the pair says: "Although it's early in the relationship, J and Mel really are head over heels.

"They may have only met last week, but already it seems really serious. When they're not together, they are always on the phone."

In the past, Mel, 25, has been out with Robbie Williams, footballer Jason McAteer, Brookie actor Paul Byatt and Red Hot Chili Peppers star Anthony Kiedis.

She came over all coy about the new lad in her life during a live webchat yesterday, but admitted she'd met someone special. When asked if anything still shocked her, she replied: "I am quite shocked that I met someone nice the other day."

Asked if this was "in a boyfriend kind of way", Mel said: "I hope so...a famous boy, yeah".

She refused to name the lad in question, adding: "It's early days yet, so I'm not ready to say. I don't want to scare him off."

But Sporty did gave away a big clue as to his identity later, when she was asked about her plans for next week.

Blushing, she replied: "I might go and see Five in concert," then burst out laughing.

In what was one of her most frank interviews, Mel C also slagged off former Ginger Spice Geri Halliwell's singing, but said she still cried when she thought about her departure from the Spice Girls.

"I love Geri dearly," she said. "She is - was - one of my closest friends.

"Nothing will ever change between me and Geri because we've been through too much together, but I'm not a fan of her music.

"I like her new single and I think it's very poppy, but I wouldn't go out and buy her album. I don't think she's very talented as a vocalist."

Mel C said the Spices' much-hyped encounter with Geri at this year's Brits was overwhelming: "There were a lot of emotions and it brought back a lot of memories - Geri being there, but not being there with us.

"Sometimes, you know, I do have a weep about Geri because I do miss her.

"I saw her before the show...we did say hello and wish each other luck."

Sporty added in the interview on virtuetv.com that she liked to speak her mind.

"I'm not a bitch - I'm just being honest," she said. "If people want to slag me off about it, that's fine.

"Am I not allowed to have an opinion? Everybody has one about me, so I'm going to have one about everyone else."


Source: Dominic Mohan's Bizarre, The Sun


FIVE singer J has confirmed he is dating Sporty Spice.

He has revealed that they are an item and Mel C may even go and cheer on his band in concert.

I exclusively revealed how I spotted J, real name Jason Brown, canoodling with the millionaire singer at the Spice Girls after-show bash after the Brits last Friday. But the pair, who partied the night away at London's Sugar Reef, were at loggerheads when they first met.

Mel C made a beeline for the singer with the pierced eyebrow after he called her "ugly" in an interview.

But they made up and were soon all over each other and their argument was just a faded memory.

Mel C said yesterday: "I am quite shocked I've met someone nice. It's early days. But I will go and see Five in concert." And she also confirmed the snogging incident to O-Zone presenter Jayne Middlemiss, who pried into the romance.

J said: "We met on Friday after the Brits and had a bit of an argument. Then we ended up having a heated encounter. She's a great laugh and who knows what will happen?"

A source close to Five told me: "It may be early days but Mel C and J have been talking on their mobiles a lot over the past few days." The news of the romance comes just days after J revealed in The Sun that he hadn't had sex in more than 12 months.

He said: "I had more luck with women when I wasn't in the band. I haven't had sex for over a year."

Bizarre was flooded with calls and e-mails from girls who wanted to sleep with the singer. Until linking up with J, Sporty Spice was the only single Spice Girl. But in the past she has been linked to Robbie Williams, Damon Albarn and Brookside star Paul Byatt.


12th March 2000...

Source: Hot People, Sunday People



CELIBATE pop star J plans to make up for going 12 months without sex by making mad passionate love to Mel C.

He was speaking for the first time after it was revealed at last week's Brits that the famous couple had started a tender romance.

The hunky Five singer revealed how he snogged Sporty Spice, 25, after the awards.

And in an amazing exclusive interview, he told me: "I haven't had nookie for a year. But I think that's going to change soon.

"Who can resist a girl like Sporty?

"She is a beautiful-looking woman and I will be seeing her again VERY soon."

With a wicked twinkle in his eye, handsome J - real name Jason Brown - went on: "When you meet Mel in the flesh you realise just how beautiful she is."

And he confidently laughed off rumours about the Spice Girl's sexuality by saying: "She is 100 per cent women. She's got a fit body and a fit mind.

"Mel's not only sexy, she is a great laugh and fun to be around."

Romance blossomed after Sporty grabbed 23-year-old J by the collar of his leather jacket after the Brits night a week ago.

Then she demanded to know the truth behind reports that he had called her UGLY.

J, speaking before the group kicked off their British tour with a sell-out concert in Glasgow, said: "I didn't have a clue what she was talking about and told her I'd never have made such a remark.

"I was amazed about how forward she was. To be honest, I was quite struck by how aggressive and angry she was.

"I explained again that I'd never said it. I mean you only have to look at the girl. She's gorgeous. Finally things settled down and she asked me if I fancied going for a drink to an after-show bash.

"Well, it's not exactly a date you'd turn down and I jumped at the chance.

"Clearly Mel is a girl who knows what she wants. Anyway, we had a few fizzy pops together and got on fantastically.

"As the night wore on and the fizzy pops continued, we had a little snog. But that's all I want to say right now!

"The relationship is in its early days and it's a personal, private thing. This is a tough business to have a proper relationship in, so we're going to take our time.

"But it is fair to say we're great mates and want things to continue slowly."

Five are now one of the hottest bands around. They have sold more than five million albums and their new single Don't Wanna Let You Go is set to be a big hit.

J said: "I will never forget the Brits night. Not only did I get an award but I also got to romance one of the most stunning women in pop. That has to go down as one of the best nights in my life.

"I remember saying to Mel at the time how I couldn't believe it was all happening.

"But fate is a strange thing and I've got to be one of the happiest guys on this planet right now."

Mel phoned J to wish him and the rest of the boys - who won the Best Pop Act award at the Brits - luck before their Glasgow gig.

And after coming off stage, J said: "Wow, what a show. I wish Mel could have seen us up there.

"Now I can't wait to get on the phone and tell her all about it."

The rest of the smash hit group are delighted about J's new romance.

Close pal Ritchie Neville, who is dating sexy singer Billie, said he wishes them the best of luck.

"Once things quieten down all four of us are going to go out - me and Billie, J and Mel.

"What a night that will be, believe me!"


13th March 2000...

Source: Off The Record, Daily Record


5IVE pop hunk J last night denied that Sporty Spice Mel C is his new girlfriend - even though she says they are an item.

J insisted that they are just good friends.

But Mel was still dropping hints at the weekend that the pair were going out together.

Asked on Channel 4 show T4 yesterday if she'd be having lunch with her current boyfriend, Mel, 25, replied: "No, because he's in Glasgow at the moment."

J, who completed three sell-out shows with 5ive at Glasgow's SECC yesterday, said: "It is making me giggle. We're just good friends so I find it quite funny that these rumours have started.

"Mel C and I spoke a couple of words after the Brits and that's all.

"It's all a case of Chinese whispers since then. I've spoken to her a couple of times and that's that.

"Now people are suggesting that we'll be getting married and that we are planning on having 12 kids."

He added: "If she is saying she wants to start something then I'll consider it. If she wants to call me, she can - but I won't be hanging on the other end of the phone waiting for the call."

Last week, Mel C said she had "found someone nice" and that she would join 5ive on tour.

When asked if she was dating J, she nodded and added that she didn't want to scare him off.

She was also seen out on the town with an American record producer known only as Guy. Some insiders believe she is milking the rumours to help sales of her latest single Never Be The Same Again.

5ive's new single Don't Wanna Let You Go crashed into the charts at number nine last night. Voted Best Pop Act at the Brit Awards, 5ive are in the middle of an 18-date British tour and start their world tour next month.

They will return to Scotland for another one-off show at Glasgow's SECC in December.


17th March 2000... Source: Off The Record, Daily Record

...Sporty Spice Mel C still believes in Girl Power and used it yesterday to help launch the Marie Curie Cancer Care's Daffodil Campaign 2000.

It hopes to raise pounds 3million to fund their hospices and home nursing service.

And Mel, who confirmed she is dating Jason Brown (better known as J from boy band 5ive), revealed she has a good reason for backing the Daffodil Campaign. She said: "I lost my grandad to cancer so I know how important it is for families to feel help is at hand from charities such as Marie Curie Cancer Care.

"I think it's disgusting that there hasn't been more done to find a cure for cancer. It's a horrible disease which affects everyone.

"I'm really proud to be here today and I'm hoping my celebrity status will bring some attention to this cause."


Source: News Wire

...The singer later admitted to dating J from the boy band Five.

When asked directly whether she was going out with the other singer she said: "Yes. There is not much more I can say.

"We met after the Brits, so it's really new, that's why it's really embarrassing to talk about it."

But she added: "He is very nice."

Earlier, the singer was quizzed about the romance in front of millions of TV viewers on ITV's This Morning show by presenters Richard Madeley and Judy Finnigan.

Asked by Finnigan whether she was seeing "this bloke from Five", Mel replied: "He's a very good friend of mine but it's early days - so who knows?"

Madeley told the singer his daughter would be "gutted" if Mel was going out with the pop hunk because she fancied him too, and the girl power star responded with a coy grin.

J, whose real name is Jason Brown, recently told how he had not had sex for more than a year because he had no luck with women since finding success with the band, whose hits include Keep On Movin'.

He and Mel got chatting after the Brit Awards nearly a fortnight ago.