Interview '98

What's the naughtiest thing you've ever done at school?
The bell had gone and everyone was made to line up near the door before they'd let us go. I jumped on my mate and we went straight into this line of kids, who all fell over - it was like watching dominos falling. The teacher was at the end of the line, so he got pushed into the filing cabinet behind him!

What's the naughtiest thing you've ever done to one of the band?
I locked Rich in a toliet and sprayed him with fart spray and wouldn't let him out for hours. He was nearly crying when I did eventually let him out, and I managed to ruin 800-worth of clothes because he couldn't get the smell of fart spray out of them! He went mad.

Have you ever broken the law?
Yes, but I've never been caught. It wasn't anything major, though - just a few murders. Only joking!

C'mon the rest of you - we want the truth...
When I was about 12 and staying out in Canada I once found . I didn't tell a soul and spent it all on sweets!

Anyone else been wrongly accused of anything?
I've been wrongly accused of all sorts of stuff - it must be the way I look!

What would be the best and worst things about jail?
I'd work out and get really fit.

Do fish have ears?
They'd get water in then if they did! (Everyone falls on the floof with laughter for 5ive whole minutes!)

What's the best thing you can make with a potato?
No the best thing you can do is power a clock!

If you could say anything to anyone, who would it be and what would you say?
I'd say to Abs, 'You're a fat bleep 'cos you've just ate half a doughnut and you're supposed to be cutting down on your fat intake,' plus a few more expletives.

When did you first shave?
When I was really young - 12, 13. I looked really old for my age, so I was the one everyone sent to buy cigarettes and beer from the off licence!

Is there anyone you really miss at the moment?
My family, definitely. It's not so bad with my dad because he lives in Surrey so I can see him whenever I want, even though I don't get the chance very often. But I haven't seen my mum, my nan, my nephew and my sister since Christmas. We're a really, really close family as well. I hardly even get to speak to them on the phone 'cos we're always travelling or trying to catch up on sleep