Five On 5 - J

[Smash Hits - AUS March 2000 Issue]

Ever wondered what it would be like to date J? We asked him to tell us about his dream date…

If you're going out on a date, how do you feel?
Nervous. But I'd be looking forward to it. Definitely. Especially if I'd asked the girl out and she'd said yes. That always makes me feel good - it's better to ask a girl out and for her to say yes straight away than for her to say, 'Hmmm, OK…yes, maybe…"

Where's the best place to pick a girl up from?
I'd let her choose where we're gonna meets so at least we're starting on good ground. You see, if I choose some place, she might not like it or feel comfortable and I don't want that, do I? I'd hate her to walk down a busy street on her way to meet me and to feel unsafe!

Do you ever pick a girl up at her house?
Yeah! I could drive and pick her up but I don't have my own car! It's not worth having one at the moment as it would spend all its time parked up. One day, I'll have some time to buy one and drive one - I hope. At the moment Five are away from home so much, there's no real point in doing it.

What do you wear on a date?
I dress in an in-between way! Casual but semi-acceptable in case we decide to go somewhere with a dress code. I'll be chilled out, but looking smart as well. I don't want to look like I've made a huge effort do I?

How long do you normally spend getting ready for a hot date?
Probably half the day if I was going on a first date and I really liked the girl. I can spend hours in the bathroom anyway. When Five all lived together, the lads went mad when I spent more than an hour in the bathroom!

What should the girl wear to really impress you?
Something along the same lines as me really. But nothing too showy. I wouldn't like someone to wear something that's too revealing. Something chilled out, quite casual but sexy! I like sexy!

Where do you take your date first?
I'd take her for a drink. We'd go to a good bar with lots of atmosphere but one that isn't too packed so that we can talk and get to know each other a little better. I wouldn't take her to a bar where there are lots of people I know cos I would feel really self-conscious. Then we can go and get something to eat - but where we go would be my date's decision.

That's sweet…
Well, I'd go with her decision as long as it isn't sea food. I'd never eat that. I can't bear the thought of eating fish. Maybe I'd take her for a Cantonese or a Thai meal. I love Thai food!

Do fans ever come up to you when you're out on a date?
Of course, and I don't mind. I just introduce the girl I'm with. It's a bit silly to say, "Quick run away, there are fans here!" If she was going to date me, she'd have to get used to my fans.

OK, so what happens next on your date?
After the meal we'd stay and have a coffee. We'd talk and I always try and get an insight into the girl so I know all about her family, what she likes, what music she likes. I always ask about music - it's important.

Then, do you take her to a club?
Hmmm, well…I don't know. It depends. If I get on with someone straight away then I might, but that's pretty rare. Normally it's a silly idea cos you can't hear what you're saying as the music is too loud! Maybe I'd take her to another bar where we could talk.

Do you always walk your dates home?
Definitely, and I walk her to her doorstep too!
But we hope you're a gentleman!
Ah yeah!