5ive On 5ive

J talks on things beginning with the letter J for 30 seconds
"Juice! I like orange juice because it's healthy and gives me nice vitamin C. I like J because that's me and I do quite like myself on my up moods, but I don't like me when I'm feeling down. I don't like Jay-Z the rapper because he's rubbish. I like justice because if people do something wrong they should be brought to justice. I like the name Jennifer but I'm not into Jennifer Aniston - she's not my type at all. I like jumping up and down especially when…" J, J - that's j-j-j-just about it!

How would he spend a fiver?
"If it was the evening and I'd just come back from doing a photo shoot, I'd probably buy myself a couple of beers and a paper and just chill. But if I was going back to a girlfriend I'd spend my money on red roses for her."

J, does Rich's untidiness annoy you at all?
J: Rich is extremely messy. In fact, I'd say that he's the untidiest person I've ever met in my life. Definitely. He's a top geezer, and he's one of my best mates, but he's really untidy. I haven't seen his new flat yet, but he told me a week-and-a-half after he moved in that it was totally demolished. He told me he's sorted it all out now, but I still wouldn't like to be sharing the place with him. The kitchen is bound to have take-away stuff all over it - that was what it was like when we all had the flat together.

What's Abs' most annoying habit?
J: Abs is pretty quiet a lot of the time, but then he has quick bursts for about an hour when he acts stupid and does stupid stuff. For some reason, he licks people. He says got something wrong with him. His tongue is always sticking out. He's only got me once, but if Rich and Scott annoy him, he just runs up to them and licks the length of their face, covering them with saliva. It's just like a dog! It's really unpleasant.

5ive on J
What should you do to get on J's good side?
Abs: Oh, man, that's hard - you can't do anything. If he wakes up and he's in a good mood, he'll like you. But if he's in a bad mood, he won't like you. You don't dread his moods - it's just like, (bored) "Oh, he's in another bad mood - here we go!" But sometimes J can be in a bad mood for the first five minutes and then someone might say, "Oh guys, I forgot to tell you - you've won an award!" Then J'll be like, (catches breath excitedly) "Oh cool! I'm in a good mood now!" Anything like that will cheer him up.

Does he ever scare you?
Scott: No. He's bigger than me, but I'm not scared of him. I'm such a gobby little git that whether I win or lose in an argument, I won't back down - even with J. He does have a go at me sometimes, but sometimes he has a valid reason, like if I much up in a routine or something. But sometimes he'll have a go just because he's in a bad mood, so then we'll clash. But I will stand up to because I'm so cocky!

Rich, can J be a bit bossy?
Rich: Not at all. I think that when we started off, the management wanted him to be like our representative, but he didn't want to do that 'cos he felt that it would create friction, and so did we. Now we all take turns to act serious, just like we take turns to muck about. For instance, I had an argument with J at the MTV Awards, but it wasn't a big bust-up - the reports just blew it out of proportion. There was a bit of tension during rehearsals, but it was fine later. We all have our moments.