Wonder Wheel with Rich and J

It's here - the TV HITS Wonder Wheel! In our new fantastic regular feature, we'll be forcing unsuspecting celebs to spin our gorge wheel and answer the trickiest questions in pop! No secrets are sacred with the Wheel - check out our five categories!

POT LUCK (???)

L&R: Have you ever fallen in love at first sight?
Yeah. I met my ex-girlfriend when I was working in a studio. I couldn't stop looking at her and my mate was going, 'Talk to her'. I did and she was really nice. It was everything about her - the way she looked and carried herself, the way she was talking. It really was love at first sight.
Ritchie: Sort of. It wasn't love at first sight, it was more love at a sight because I'd known her for ages. I'd never really noticed it before, but I saw her one time and thought, 'She's gorgeous!' We got together for a little while but it didn't work out.

F&F: What's your best quality as a friend?
Both of us are really good listeners.
J: I'm loyal, generous and understanding. If a friend had a problem I'd just drop what I was doing and go help. I'm altogether a perfect friend!

???: How much do you weigh?
Something in the region of 12, 13 stone.
Ritchie: I'm 12 stone.

££: How much money have you made?
(laughing) Millions and millions!
J: We're by no means loaded, but we're comfortable these days.

NB: Why do all your songs mention Five?
Because that's our name! Most of our songs are about us, so we have to mention the name of the group. It's not like we sit down and say, 'Right, we have to mention Five in here...'!

???: When you were little, did you feel all shy when something rude came on TV when you were watching with your parents?
I used to get REALLY embarrassed. My mum used to try and start talking about something else and I'd pretend I wasn't looking at the telly!
Ritchie: I used to feel like my mum and dad were sitting watching me go bright red. It was terrible - I still get embarrassed NOW if it happens!

F&F: Were you good mates with your brother and sister when you were growing up?
Yeah - whatever he said was right, you know what I mean? He taught me all the bad things I know!
J: I got on well with my sister, too. We've always been really close.

NB: Does it worry you that a lot of people know you all argue a lot?
Not at all. Nobody can get through every day without getting a bit annoyed about SOMETHING, but because of the line of work we're in, people think we're not supposed to show it. But we're no more stroppy than anyone else.
Ritchie: Our schedules have been so mad we get really tired, and then the slightest thing annoys us - but it's never anything really serious.
J: And if we wanted to cover it up we could do easily, but we'd rather get it out in the open. Some boy bands get told so much what to do and how to act, and they get accused of being false. We'd rather be ourselves.

££: What's the most expensive thing you've bought since you became famous?
A car and a really expensive holiday to Thailand and Spain.
J: I haven't really bought much. Ummm....a laptop computer and a watch. I've started collecting watches. As well as aftershave!

NB: Have you ever flown any of your family over to see you do a show abroad?
Have we heck! Wait 'til we start earning a bit more money. But I'd definitely like to - it'd be wicked for them cos they're just at home getting on with their lives and we're going off all over the place staying in hotels.
Ritchie: I think if we were doing a big gig in America I'd like to fly my mum over cos she's never been. But I wouldn't bother to fly her to somewhere like Germany or Holland because they're a bit like here.

???: Did you use to sneakily read the problem pages in your mum's mags?
When I was about 11 I used to read the back page of my mum's magazines, but I didn't understand about half of it!
J: I used to think they were made up when I was a bit older and I used to sit and have a laugh about them.

NB: Who do you think'll be the first to leave?
I really couldn't say. Hopefully nobody. We want to quit while we're ahead after a few hit albums, all five of us together. All of us have got ambitions after the band, but there's not one person who wants anything more at the moment.

NB: Do you get embarrassed about some of the dance routines you have to do?
No, cos we don't have to do anything we don't want to. Paul, our choreographer, is a really good mate of ours now and he knows what we'll do and what we won't. Sometimes at first you'll think, 'I don't know about that', but when you see the package it usually works OK.
Ritchie: Yeah. Basically the way it works is we all put our ideas in and most of the time we're like, 'Yeah, wicked!' Our songs are made for dancing, not for holding lighters in the air, so we'll always do the routines.

F&F: Have you bought your family any good presents since you've been in the band?
I've bought my parents a few things and given my sister a bit of money, to sort herself out.
Ritchie: I've done exactly the same thing - given a bit of money to my parents and my big brother.

F&F: Have you made any good mates in the music industry?
Loads! I think we've been really lucky, cos people always say, 'It is a really hard industry and everyone's really bitchy', but the people we've met have all been brilliant. There's Paul, our choreographer, Rob, our tour manager, Herbie, who wrote some of our tracks, Carl and Mark, our producers...loads of people. I've met about ten people who I know I could trust with anything. And the guys.
Ritchie: There's a new Irish band called My Town who we get on with really well. Lene and the rest of Aqua and Peter Andre are really good mates, too.

L&R: In a snog situation, how old would you be prepared to go?
For me I'd say somewhere around 45. The oldest woman I've actually snogged was 33 when I was 18.
Ritchie: I'd draw the line at 45 if she looked good. The oldest woman I've got off with was 36 and I'm not telling you how young I was!

££: Have you ever said to someone, 'Do you know who I AM?'!
I'd never, EVER say that. I'm not anybody anyway. Besides, there's no point in saying it because it wouldn't make any difference.
Ritchie: I don't expect to be treated better than anyone else - why should I?

L&R: Did any of your ex-girlfriends have pet names for you?
Only the usual, 'Hello, darling, Sugarplum' sort of thing. No actual names.
J: I don't think so!

££: Do you ever give money to charity?
Ritchie: It's like, you see that OXFAM advert all the time asking for a direct debit of £2 a month from your bank, which is nothing, is it?
J: When we're coming back from foreign countries on the plane they often have an envelope to put your foreign change in which goes to charity, and I always do that. And it's disgusting to see rich people walking past homeless people and not giving them any money. I always buy THE BIG ISSUE, but you can only do your little bit.

F&F: Did you ever make your mum cry when you were younger?
Yeah. I went through a really horrible phase when I was 13 or 14. I'd always been really close to my parents, but they must have despised me then. I felt like everyone was against me, and every time my mum asked me to do anything I'd think she was getting at me. My mum started crying once in the kitchen - I can't remember what I said to make her cry, but I felt so guilty afterwards I decided to be a bit nicer.
Ritchie: Yeah, I used to be like that as well. Everyone would say, 'You're not like you used to be'. I was like Kevin, that Harry Enfield character! My mum cried when I went off to stay at my girlfriend's for two weeks after an argument and refused to come back.

L&R: Would you ever move abroad for love?
I wouldn't go to live abroad with a girlfriend - I'd try and make it work from a distance. If you can make it work under those circumstances then you know it'll last.
Ritchie: In this job, you'd probably see just as much of them wherever they lived. If I had a girlfriend in Sweden or Belgium I'd probably see her more than if she lived in England cos we're always over there!

L&R: Would you ever go out with a girl who'd been out with one of the other members of the band?
No way. It wouldn't be right, would it? You wouldn't want to upset your mate. One of my friends got off with my girlfriend when I was about 14 or 15 and we had a scrap over it.
J: I mean, these guys are really close friends of mine and I'd never go anywhere near a friend's girlfriend, even after they'd finished. When you start seeing someone, you know they've been out with other people, but you try not to really think about it. But if it was one of your friends you wouldn't be able to help it.

???: If one of the band was off sick for a few months, would you get a replacement in?
No, that would be impossible. Would we call ourselves Four for a bit? I suppose we'd have to, wouldn't we?
J:We'd just let everyone know what was happening and take a few months off. Touch wood, it'll never happen...

???: Alright lads, your dare is to apply this laydee's bright pink lipstick....
No way! If the other's see us with this on, we'll never live it down! I hate wearing make-up and that for photoshoots at the best of times!
J: You have got to be having a laugh! You know I'd do just about anything for TV HITS, but this is just too much! I'd get grief from all my mates back home, like, forever if they saw it!

TV HITS: We nearly talked them into it, but they wimped out at the last minute we're afraid!