Five With Their Mums

Scott Robinson, was brought up in Basildon, Essex, by mum Sue & dad Mick. He has 2 older sisters, Nicola & Hayley.
Sue on Scott
On Mother's Day I usually get a card and bunch of flowers from Scott at about 6pm, after he's dashed to the nearest service station. But he's getting better - last year he had a bouquet delivered and that meant a lot. Scott & I both cried when he moved out. Life seems quite quiet without him. Saying that, he still calls every day, sometimes at 2am when he's had too much to drink. The only time he's ever embarrassed me was when he got blotto at a family christening. He drank everything in sight, then knocked all the glasses off the table before picking a fight with his sister's boyfriend. I was mortified. We've encouraged Scott to pursue his dreams. I can see for myself that he's talented. But then I would say that wouldn't I?

Scott on Sue
I love my mum to bits and we're really close. I miss having her to talk to now I'm not at home. I know I drive her mad sometimes, like when I bang on the door at 4am because I've forgotten my keys, but I get away with it because she's my best friend. She's a warm, creative person and I wish I had her patience and intelligence. She's nobody's fool but she's a very emotional person just talking about something sad brings her to tears. Me and my sister went out for pizza with her one night when I'd just split up with my girlfriend and Nicola was about to break up with her boyfriend. Because we were crying, Mum got upset too. That's typical of her!

Sean Conlon, is one of 5 children raised by his mum Kate on a housing estate in Leeds. He was only 15 when he joined 5ive.
Kate on Sean
Sean has only ever once bought me a Mother's Day present. It was a teddy bear that said 'I love you' on it. It was really special because he's not good at saying 'I love you mum'. He went through a stage of grunting and being unreasonable when was 13 or 14, but we get on well now. He's shy and quiet when you first meet him, but once you get him talking there's no stopping Sean. I've always said he'd make a great counsellor because he's wise for his years and a good listener. We have amazing chats when he's home. At last christmas we sat up talking all night. I've always encouraged Sean to pursue his music because I know he has talent. Now he's a pop star he gets treated just the same when he comes home, and so far it doesn't seem to have affected him. He still walks around the house in just his undies, even though I wish he wouldn't.

Sean on Kate
I feel like an idiot when I tell Mum I love her, but I've tried to start doing it now that I'm not living at home. She's very soft, my mum, but at the same time she's very much her own person, which I admire. I'm not as outgoing as her - she can talk to anyone and I wish I was more like that. She's given me confidence and I wouldn't have had the guts to audition for 5ive if she hadn't been so encouraging. Whenever I have a problem I always go to my mum. I don't hide anything from her and I would never lie to her. She's such a nice lady and I'm chuffed that she's my mum although I probably don't tell her that often enough.

Jason Brown, hails from Warrington, Cheshire but has moved house 13 times with is mother Marilyn and his father Justin and his elder sister Donna, because of his dad's work in the military forces.
Marilyn on J
J is a typical Gemini - caring and affectionate, but moody too. He knows what he wants and he won't let anyone change his mind. We don't row now, although we did when he was a teenager. Some people wish J wasn't so outspoken but we raised him to speak his mind. J's always had an eye for older women. When he was a kid, he thought Raquel Welch was the business, and now he tends to date women older than him. The oldest I know about is 33. Has he ever tried to pull one of my mates? I hope not. I wouldn't like that because in my eyes, he'll always be my baby.

J on Marilyn
I cry in front of my mum. I'm not afraid to show my feelings because she's very sussed and full of sound advice. She's very strong minded and is always putting herself out for others. I think I get my honesty from her. There's nothing I wouldn't tell her including when I lost my virginity. She was really cool and said 'I hope you were sensible and that it was a nice experience'. My only regret is that I was so horrible to her when I was a teenager, but even then I knew that she would love me no matter what.

Born Richard Abidin Breen, an only child was brought up single-handedly by his half Irish mother Kay in North London, after she split from his Turkish father.
Kay on Abs
As soon as he hit 13 I knew Abs was a teenager. I wish I'd had a pound for every time he said 'Shut up mum' or 'Mum get out of my room'. It could be quite hurtful at times but thankfully it was just a phase. Because it's always been just me and Abs, I found it hard when he started seeing Danielle. But now I've met her and I know what a nice girl she is, I feel much better about it. Besides, I'd rather he was in a relationship that playing the field. People tell me I must be proud of Abs, and of course I am, but not matter how many records he sells I'm most proud of the fact that he's a nice boy with a good heart.

Abs on Kay
More than anything my mum's loving and a good listener. She knows that I'm not a big talker so she doesn't push me to open up, but when I want to talk she listens. I know she's always there for me. This year I'm planning to get her something nice for mother's day. It'll be a surprise because she never expects anything. When I was 12 I got her a really cheap second hand china cat. It was all I could afford. She's still got the cat, which I think is sweet. Me and my mum may not appear really close but I know that we love each other to bits, which is all that matters.
Richard Neville, was a late addition to the family when his mum Kim, had him at 38. She raised his elder brother David & sister Tracy while running a busy pub in Solihull.

Kim on Richard
When he was a child, everyone wanted to adopt Richard because he was so beautiful. He's close to his brother who's eight years older, so Richard has always been old for his years. I've always let him make his own decisions, but I did not worry when he announced at 13 that he wanted to be in show business. I used to be a singer so I know how hard it is. I used to tell him that he was like a Chrysalis and that eventually one day he would grow into a butterfly. Then he was in his last year at school, I went to see him play the lead in Romeo and Juliet. Seeing him acting the romantic hero made him suddenly a man in my eyes and so I said to his brother, 'Richard has just become a butterfly'. As I said it a butterfly landed on his arm! It was great. I'm proud of Richard, but I worry about him keeping his feet on the ground. I've raised him to be many things but a big-head isn't one of them.

Richard on Kim
My mum is cool. You can talk to her about anything and she's a good laugh. My mates think she's brilliant. A few weeks ago, she and her mates dressed up as the Spice Girls for my gran's 80th birthday party. She was ginger Spice in a wig and a Union Jack dress. One of my mates was there and he turned to my brother and said 'Cor, that Ginger's nice, ain't she? Who is she?' I cracked up. For a mum she's very open-minded. For example she used to buy me condoms when she knew I was having sex because she didn't want me getting into trouble.