Five - Why Do You Love Them?

It's The Things They Do!
5, 5ive, Five "How should you write it? Anyway you want to, mate. You decide," Abs Breen told us. No matter how you write it, there's no denying it, this is one hot band! For the past few months, the 5ive guys - Abs Breen, J Brown, Sean Conlon, Scott Robinson and Ritchie Neville - have been busier than a cat in a house full of mice. While their second single "Its The Things You Do" has been steadily climbing the pop charts, 5ive has been bouncing around from New York and Los Angeles, to Germany, Italy and all over England. They finished up a month full of TV appearances with a live performance in New York City at the Roxy in late October. The sold out crowd couldn't take their eyes of the gorgeous guys as they performed six songs of their debut album. "The best part is performing, definitely" Abs said. "Just getting out there on stage with a mic and all these girls..."

Gimme 5ive!
In November, 5ive did some overseas performing in Germany and England before making a very special stop in Milan, Italy for the MTV Europe Awards. 5ive gave a dazzling rendition of "Everybody Get Up" a forthcoming single that was number one in Europe, which featured 35 back-up dancers and had the crowd screaming for more. Afterward, 5ive hopped up to the mic to accept the coveted MTV Select Award. The award, won by the Backstreet Boys in 1997 and the Spice Girls in 1996, is determined by fan votes and it essentially goes to the most popular band in Europe. "We're over the moon!" Ritchie Neville enthused. "It's also great that it's picking up all over the world. We're becoming a global band and that's really cool." After shooting a video for "Its The Things You Do", 5ive celebrated their big win by going on a mini-concert tour in December. In the U.S. they did radio shows in Baltimore, Washington D.C., Memphis, Dallas, Minneapolis, Albany, San Francisco and Sacremento. After and in-store appearance at a record store in L.A. attracted nearly 1000 5ive fans, J commented "We've come over to the States and it's such a big place. We didn't really expect to get the kind of reception we got here." Meanwhile, over in England, 5ive won the Smash Hits (Britain's biggest pop magazine) Reader's Poll Award for Best Tour Band of 1998 (BSB won it last year). They celebrated this achievement by headlining the week long Smash Hits tour in their home country.

No Place To Go But Up!
J's Band mates are equally stunned by the group's quick rise to the tippytop of the pop crop. "Obviously it's very good and we're very happy," Scott said. "My mum's very proud!" "I think It's still a shock," Sean added. "We don't take it for granted but we accept it now. We don't think we've gone as far as we can yet. We're trying to out and get further on. We still have a long way to go yet for us." Hold on to your hat, Sean, cos this month might be the busiest one yet for 5ive. The band's endorsement deal with Pepsi "Generation Next" campaign launches overseas this month and then they'll be back in the U.S. again. This time they'll be out in Disneyland filming a Disney Channel In Concert special that will air in the spring. Like the 'N Sync special from last year, 5ive In Concert will feature performances, profiles and interviews with band members. It looks like 1999 is going to be a very big year for 5ive, so stay tuned!