Wanna find out which Five lad could really be your soulmate?
Take our quiz and we'll reveal the pop fella for you...

1. Where would you love a lad to take you on a first date?
A) a swanky restaurant for an expensive dinner
B) your local hip bowling alley for some physical fun
C) to swoon over some slushy movie

2. If you were going out with a boy, which of the following would be a total turn-off?
A) nose-picking in public
B) a frequent parper (burper)
C) a lad who swore all the time

3. Which of these movies would you most like to watch with your hot date?
A) Pearl Harbour - Josh Harnett would make your pulse race even if your crush didn't!
B) The Mummy Returns - You love a bit of high-tech action
C) Bridget Jones Diary - a slushy love story would get him feeling all gooey too!

4. Your ideal birthday pressie from your boy would be...
A) a last-minute box of chocolates from the local newsie (convenience store)
B) a bouquet of flowers
C) a gorge piece of jewelry he saw you drooling over

5. It's meeting the parents time! How should a lad best impress your ma and pa?
A) tell them about his fab footie (soccer) skills
B) not talk about himself, just tell 'em how wonderful their little girl is!
C) compliment them on the flowers in their garden

6. When it comes to paying for a dinner date, you'd...
A) go 50-50. It's all about equality, you know!
B) expect a lad to pay for everything, all night
C) let him pay, but make sure you don't order the priciest item on the menu

7. What's the most important quality you'd look for in a lad?
A) honestly and loyalty
B) a red-hot bod!
C) a wicked sense of humor

8. Which of the following date don'ts would get your biggest rudeness rating?
A) not having the door held open for you... how rude!
B) a lad hogging all the popcorn at the movies
C) a lad who brought his mates along - and then made fun of you in front of them!

9. Boys can play computer games for around 15 hours a day without getting bored! How would you cope with an annoying lad hobby?
A) put up with whatever he's interested in
B) stand your ground and make sure he changes his ways
C) do your own thing while he does his. Simple!

10. When it comes to your boy's mates, you...
A) don't mind if they wanna hang out with him AND you from time to time
B) like some quality one-on-one time with him - he can hang with his mates on his own time
C) all know each other and have a laugh together anyway, so you like them to be around


1. A3 B5 C1 2. A5 B3 C1 3. A3 B5 C1 4. A5 B1 C3
5. A5 B3 C1 6. A3 B1 C5 7. A1 B5 C3 8. A1 B3 C5
9. A5 B1 C3 10. A3 B1 C5


You like your lad to treat you like a princess... or else! You rate good manners above boasts of winning a parp contest... and although a sense of humor's a must, you don't dig lads who like a laugh at your expense. And who could blame ya?
Love Match: Rich or J


You're not into out-and-out lads, but a boy with a cheeky sense of humor really makes you swoon. When it comes to love, you wanna be treated like a lady, and while the odd burp is forgivable, you won't put up with a champion bogey picker! Euch!
Love Match: Scott


Being a bit of a ladette yourself, you go for boys who're well in touch with their laddy side. Forget romantic gestures - you'd prefer a lark more than a slushy movie any day! As long as your bad lad's got a soft center and he loves you, that's fine by you!
Love Match: Abs or Sean


It's a lad thing! Five on farts, films and feeling slushy...
J: "I always open doors for girls!"
ABS: "I don't go on a date to watch a movie, I'd rather talk."
RITCHIE: "I swear, but I'd never use certain words in front of a girl."
ABS: "I'd never fart in front of a girl!"
SEAN: "I never look at Page Three girls - my mum says it makes you go blind!"