Five are back - newly befriended by Westlife and ready to bring havoc to a nightspot near you

Five's feud with Westlife is over - but the boys are causing more trouble now they're mates. Relations were smoothed during a boozy night in Ireland recently, but it wasn't long before mayhem broke out. "We were in Dublin with Westlife and me and Kian kept getting spartated by our security because we were causing too much trouble and upsetting people!" laughs Abs "I can't say what we got up to but we were out at clubs under the influence of a few beers"
But Five don't mean any harm - they'r ejust trying to put some naughtiness back into the pop world! "We're young and we're having a laugh" says Ritchie. "Before we came on the scene, everyone was saying they were virgins, so I think we started the pop rebellion! I was a bit quiet a year ago but now I'm out all the time and on a mad one!
"I have my mad moments too," adds Abs. "Is running through hotel rooms and out in the streets in your underwaer mad? Once I did it outside my house. I ran over the bridge next door, across the road and back again. Now I'm trying to perfect jumping over my sofa and doing a cartwheel on the coffe table, while picking up a can of drink at the same time"
When not getting amongst it with the 'Life or pulling gymnastic routines in their living rooms, the boys have been recording their new album - a record they hope wil blow pop's strongest women out of the charts.
"I'm fed up with all the @$&%in women's lib songs around at the moment!" roars Abs. "Jennifer Lopez, Destiny's Child - they &@%$ me off, man they're too much! "I buy my own cars and I don't need this, and I don't need that...." Fair play to you, but you don't have to sing you heart out about it. Buy your own jewellery, buy your own car, survive, but keep it to yourself please!
"Our new album's top, top, top class. Wicked. New stuff that we're all really into - an all-around, good pop album, " he adds, befor eexclusively reavealing that one of the tracks is a cover of a Grease number. "It's really good. But I can't tell you what it is yet in case we use it as a single. Here's a hint, though: it's not Your The One That I Want!"
"There are some heavy rock songs, some poppy tracks, dance tracks, hip hop..all sorts, " says Ritchie. "My fave tracks so far are All Around, which is a folk pop song and Nobody Gotta Know which is a good, rocky one"