Westlife and Five were kept apart at an awards bash - because organisers feared a backstage brawl would break out if they bumped into each other.
The two groups were given dressing rooms on opposite sides of Wembley Arena to make sure they was no chance of trouble. Five were given a changing area on the north side of the complex while their Irish rivals were told to get ready on the south side. And measures were also taken to ensure they didn't come across each other behind the scenes at yesterday's (Sun) TV Hits Awards in a desperate bid to keep the peace. The lads were accompanied by their own security at all times to break up any hint of another bustup.
Westlife and Five were among the stars performing at the star studded bash, which brought together the cream of British pop.
One insider said: "They were deliberately given dressing rooms as far apart as possible. Organisers think this is the best way to make sure the day passes off peacefully. They are also concious that trouble could break out backstage as they wait to perform. Measures have been taken to avoid this at all costs. The two groups clearly don't get on. They have both said things about each other so there's a lot of bad blood. The lads have been involved in a fierce war of words ever since Five star J branded the Irish singers "f***ing boring."
Chatting exclusively to AAA last week, J pulled no punches in sharing his opinion of his chart rivals from across the Irish Sea. He said he hoped they were trounced in their head-to-head battle with The Spice Girls when their respective albums are released next Monday. And tempers reached boiling point at the weekend when J and Bryan McFadden had to be pulled apart by bouncers. The two groups were up against each other for a gong at another awards do in Belguim when trouble flared backstage. J refused to have his picture taken with Westlife - so Bryan branded him "thick." AND it looked like the lads' security were in for a long night when Bryan stoked up the war of words. Talking on Radio 1 just hours before he went on stage, he said: "J is a punk. I reckon my mate Kian could have him. Who is J? He's a very talented guy. I honestly believe he is one of the best rappers around. It's just a shame why he has to put us down. He should just concentrate on his music."